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Decline in PL attendances?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Are we finally seeing fans being priced out of games now? I don't know whether I am reading too much into this but I've been keeping a watchful eye on attendances in the last few months.

I know it's August and people are on holiday but both our home games went on General sale which is unusual for a league game. I remember even a few years back when you wouldn't have a hope in hell of getting a ticket to a League game unless you were a member. WBA still hasn't sold out but Norwich has.

Looking on other club websites the problem seems to be widescale (particularly amongst London clubs). Spurs opening game against Everton went on general sale and only recently sold out, their tickets for Man City in the following home game have been on general sale for ages and STILL not sold out, this against top 4 opposition and arguably their biggest rivals for that 4th spot.

Same thing for Arsenal, another club also widely renowned for having a large fanbase, their opening home game against Liverpool has been on sale to all their members for ages and still not sold out. Man Utd is the same, their tickets to Spurs have been on sale for ages and still not sold out.

I don't know if its just me, but attendances on match day seem to be plummeting for some clubs. I think I will only go to two home games this season: Probably Fulham and Arsenal (maybe Liverpool) simply because I can't afford it, they are asking for £50-£70 quid for a ticket and with the concessions scrapped I'm pretty much screwed. These days I only really go to away games.

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The fact that season tickets were available to members with zero points is an indicator as to how people feel about the expense. It could be an interesting season for most clubs if attendances do fall sharply. Maybe clubs will start to get the message that people can't afford it, unfortunately I doubt this will happen as there's always going to be somebody that does want a ticket and eventually decide to go. Norwich sold out the other day and West Brom is also close to a sellout I believe. It might take a little longer but they'll sellout in the end.

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I guess just because football has had a period of popular growth over recent years doesn't make it imune from the harsh realities of modern life.

If you have seen your family budget shrink, luxuries,(and at modern prices, that includes football)are the first thing to cut back on.

In truth,the world's economy has been living on borrowed cash,a place were the credit card is king,for way to long.

Thing is, credit, sooner or later has to be paid back for the whole system to work,you have to be 'good for it' irrespective if your an inividual or a country.

People have less spare cash & attending matches regulary nowdays, requires an above average income.Folks will have to make choices as to which,(if any) games they attend.

The majority of supporters live a life way below the above average pay structure that after bill paying etc,is required to attend top class Premiership games these days.

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