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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I think it was you in the "what are you listening to" thread that posted some pretty cool Jazz music.

Some Jazz I find nauseating, but this stuff you linked was from a certain Jazz Label. Can you remind me of what it was, I think I might make a Pandora Station out of it.

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It was the Strata East label, that Pandora can't seem to find. Trying a Charlie Rouse station on Pandora, it's ok so far but not actually playing any Charlie Rouse.

I like some Jazz, but the "improv" of a trumpet or guitar endlessly scaling does my head in at times.

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Yeah, Strata-East was the name of it; a lot of the stuff on there is pretty hard to get hold of. To be honest they didn't issue a whole lot of albums and some of the people who got contracts were complete nobodies at the time (Larry Ridley for example)

Here's a list of all their releases if that helps:


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I'll readily admit was that "Blue Note" is about the laziest answer to the "jazz label?" question that you can get. And that the tracks I posted above are at the easier to handle end of the jazz spectrum. Jazz for people who say they don't like jazz, if you like.

Not that I'm a jazz snob or anything. A lot of the more experimental stuff leaves me cold.

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