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Ballack interview ahead of the Leverkusen tie

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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It's the Heil, so naturally they twist his words to have a massive dig at our players and the club as a whole, but it's a very positive look back on his time with us. He sees his years with us as the pinnacle of his long career.


I think Leverkusen will be very, very tough opponents in the group, with Ballack inevitably a big thorn in our side. If you've not seen him, watch out for their new signing Andre Schürrle, who is a youngster with real talent, and has just broken into the national side. I wish we'd signed him - he cost under 10m euros from Mainz.

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My user name shows i absolutely worshipped the guy,he played with a "Teutonic" arrogance borne of the knowledge he was so good,he just oozed class and style,something most German players have,but not many English,he was a real bonus for us,and i hope he is garnered with a great belated welcome "King Kraut" returns to the bridge..

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I feel he was underestimated on here, it was no surprise when we missed him after he left.

Unfortunately the wage bill is starting to dictate our policy a little bit (a curse on you UEFA) and he had to leave but hopefully he'll be welcomed back with the gusto he deserves particularly given that he didn't get a proper farewell when he left.

This was his best day for us in my mind. Under Avram against United, Frank didn't play and Ballack dominated. Cracking header for the first one. Not great quality but the best I could find with English commentary.


This is another video of his penalty filmed from the Matthew Harding. Sound is terrible, but it made me laugh when VDS gets booked.

I love those fan filmed videos, where the filming becomes entirely irrelevant after we score.

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Always loved Ballack, not even sure why.

Maybe just loved having a German there to take penalties and be on our side.

I do go along with the school of thought that says he was underated during his time here, he brought an experianced head to the midfield and his compsure & confidence on the ball was top notch, 2 great feet, could take free kicks, could score pens, all round quality footballer.

Hope he gets a good welcome back to the Bridge.....

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He was certainly missed after we let him go, such was the depth he added to our squad but as already mentioned, wages seem to be a massive issue at the moment (our overall bill being 2nd highest after City's) and the club took a firm stance (and probably paid for it on the pitch).

Whatever, he was a classy player for us. A shame he picked up so many niggling injuries.

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