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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

London Derbies  

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  1. 1. Toughest Derby and Why?

    • Arsenal (Home)
    • Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
    • Fulham (Home)
    • QPR (Home)
    • Arsenal (Away)
    • Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
    • Fulham (Away)
    • QPR (Away)

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In my time supporting Chelsea I have never gone into a game expecting us to win, but this year is the most confident I've felt about the derbies in a while. For me, the 3 big ones are West Ham, Arsenal and of course Spurs with Fulham and now QPR being somewhat an inconvenience (what with their obsession with Chelsea etc and delusion of rivalry).

Playing Chelsea is like a cup final to all these teams but I honestly think it isn't beyond us to win all the derbies home and away this year. For the last 2 years running we've won all of our home ones anyway so why not away as well? I honestly can't remember a time where we've been so far ahead of all the other London clubs, all the mains ones anyway seem to have weakened.

Where do you see the toughest test coming from in terms of the derbies and why?

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I've gone for Spuds away, as much as the days of 3 Point Lane are still talked about by the Chelsea faithful, it has become much harder for us to win there in recent seasons, partly down to bad luck and poor refereeing decisions. 8pm Kick off in a month we traditionally tend to falter in, right after we play City. I personally think that will be the toughest test. I'll be there, day before my birthday and one way or the other will probably be pissed after the game. After last year and the year before I'm not sure how much more agony I can take there, I think we have to win there or it will become like Highbury of the late 90s/early 00s IMO. The Modric saga will add spice to it and it will incentivise them to win even more.

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Good question, but one made more difficult to answer until the effects of the recent transfer activity have had an effect. Arsenal's panic buys may prove more effective than anticipated, Tottenham will inevitably raise their game against us, as will QPR who have also added to their squad. On paper Fulham should be the easiest, but you can never tell.

This is all before you take into account the other major variable ... how our form develops (or otherwise) over the coming weeks and months.

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Given how all the teams have started, if it were this weekend id be tempted to sY Fulham away would be the hardest!!!

All seriousness though, Spurs away mainly for the reasons said above...I always fancy us against Arsenal despite last year but Spurs tend to raise it even more for us...Gomes always seemed to have cracking games against us more recently...good thing Friedel has replaced him there!

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