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So where's all this leading us?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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The press assume, and this is supported by experience over the period of Roman's tenure of the club, that AVB is under pressure to secure immediate trophies or else face the sack. However, is this supported by the club's activity in the transfer window since AVB arrived? Mata and Meireles are obviously signings for this season, but the others, Lukaku, Romeu, Courtois and Davila are all very much signings for the future. Is Roman suddenly taking a longer term view, whilst still obviously wanting the club to be competitive this season?

The general consensus was that Hiddink was Chelsea's next manager, when suddenly AVB appeared. A young manager building his career. Is this an acknowledgement that at some point the club needed to select a manager and back him for the long term? I hope so.

I am sure that there is pressure for AVB to get the best out of the current squad and challenge for the two big trophies (EPL and CL), but maybe he has also been selected to be the man to see the team through the transition from the successful 'Mourinho' team to a new team that will win trophies over the years ahead? His links to JM will help smooth his relationship with the more experienced players (Drogba, Lamps, Terry) and ensure some continuity, but I really do hope that his appointment is one that is based on transitioning the current team to the future team of McEachran, Romeu, Bertrand, Lukaku, Van Aanholt, Courtois, Bruma, Davila, Sturridge and Kakuta (maybe - hopfully Bolton will do him good)

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I really do hope AVB is here for the long term, we need a younger manager like him with fresh ideas and a sense of vibrancy to re-load the squad and to implement the transition to a younger, hungrier team/squad.

I think what he's done this summer in the transfer window has been really good in the most part, Modric would have made it almost perfect but you can't get everything. Nevertheless, I think we'll still sign him either a year from now or in January. I'd say AVB needs another summer such as this to put his stamp on the team: bear in mind that Anelka's and Kalou's contracts run out next summer which should facilitate the transition. Also, Malouda will only have 1 more year left on his, and so surely we'll look to sell him then to get something for him rather than lose him for nothing a year on.

One other thing to consider is the fact that we paid 15 Million Euros for AVB! Surely It would have to take a seriously poor season this year (5th in the league or soemthing) for the management to consider sacking him?

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I think Chelsea have been looking for a long term manager for a while, Carlo was suppose to be the man and in his first season it seemed like we struck gold but then last season we all knew he was getting the boot. I dont think we can read too much into the signings. The club has been looking at buying young players for a few years now. I truely hope AVB will be given 5 years to build something special even if we dont win anything for the first season or two BUT that all depends on Romans mood at the time i guess.

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I do not think AVB's cause will be helped by the goings on at OT or Eastlands. Both City and Utd have strengthenedsignificantly and will continue to do so and while we have too, we might just have to be satisfied with a place in the top 4 until AVB further regenerates our ageing squad. I do not think we will win the Prem this season, the aforementioned ageing squad, Torres mis-firing, lots of new players to integrate into the Club, let alone the first team and a Young coach findind his feet in a new Country, will all make it difficult. So he will need time, will he be given it?? Your guess is as good as mine, as Roman has absolutely ZERO patience and no track record for sticking by someone having a tough time.

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This is one of those situations where you wish (as a fan) you could say to Roman...

We'll accept a couple of seasons of transition in order to build a strong competitive team for years to come (and hopefully add to it on an ongoing basis)

I for one am exited at the thought of AVB's new Chelsea, and am more than happy to be patient ... I hope Roman thinks the same ??


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well apart from finishing 2nd (just).............last year was pretty poor effort wasn't it, so AVB must be able to improve on that

- early CC exit at home

- early FAC exit at home

- well beaten by mancs in CL

- more defeats in a PL season since 2001 (I fink)..................and some pretty lacklustre displays

key this season is to transition to more progressive style through some key tactical and team member change.............and hopefully a trophy while we are at it

AVB here for the long haul

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With the points you raised Fester, it really seems like we are building something more lasting BUT I still think AVB needs to deliver at least one trophy per season to secure place for the next. We have 4 trophies to fight for and one of the most expensive squads there is in the world. We aim high and I think Andre knows exactly what is expected from him.

It is still lot more positive than what we did last season. It was sort of a hang over season from the double and everything went down the sewers.

Players like Josh, Lukaku, Courtois are the next Frank, Didi and Petr for sure in the sights of the club. Future is looking good and the present as well for Chelsea. Lot of our questions and wishes were answered during the offseason.

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A FA Cup would save his job. Would a League Cup?

Roman has been buying kids and positioning the club for a financially sustainable future for a long time, now. It's why the current squad was allowed to get old. Frank Arnesen's kids were supposed to step in. But they weren't good enough and now they and Arnesen are out.

I hope AVB survives, if only for the sake of stability. I didn't want Carlo to go either. As we've seen so far this season, the team's problems go deeper than the coach.

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