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Torres League Goal Predictions

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

Game: How Many League Goals Will Torres Get?  

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  1. 1. How Many League Goals Will Torres Get This Season?

    • 0-5
    • 5-10
    • 10-15
    • 15-20
    • 20+

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So what option am I going to take?

go with this too....but put it in 5--10...tho like all the rest hoping for more............really thought his luck was changing pre-season...maybe it still will, we're only a few games in...............last night showed he still has it, just needs that bit of luck to start him off....................hopefully...its coming!!

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Absolutely. Rooney has 8 goals in 4 games so far this season. That means he is going to score 76 league goals this season.

Anything less than 50 goals from Torres represents an unbelievable, spectacular, astronomical failure in my eyes. This bust guy cant even keep pace with a player that cost 30 million pounds?And he cost 50 million. Remember that, guys? Never, ever forget that fact. I myself am constantly reminded of it because the usual cadre of Scouse assholes in the press never shut the hell up about it.

And whenever that little spoiled, backstabbing, mercenary, ladyboy bar steward whistles one past the post, make sure you, your kids, your dad, your nan, and anyone else around you gives him the hell he deserves.

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I know. Its shocking. And what's worse is I've heard he has only bagged one goal.

One goal! ONE. Even Andy Carroll has two. This season he hasnt even scored one this season after FOUR games. Let me do some quick calculations:


Well, I have done the math. Obviously. And four games with zero goals projects to..............zero goals over all 38 games. This is especially shocking and disappointing because Wayne Rooney is going to bag 76 this season. And since things go just as we predict them I suggest you take those numbers down to Ladbrooke's right now and make yourself a packet.


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Lets do this poll now for some fun and look back on it at the end of the season.

It seems most people guessed right in the poll, between 10-15 goals.

Torres got 11 I think, although no-one got the precise figure spot on.

Had a little purple patch before getting sent off against Swansea, then AVB preferred Drogba, then Torres came back and was woeful, however he found his form towards the end of the season.

What of next season? No Drogba to compete with, Hazard, Hulk and Mata beside him, will he finally come good, I mean really good?

Personally, I think Sturridge will grab his chance when it comes, and he'll show us why he's been desperate to play up front. He has goals, confidence, arrogance, pace, skill, finishing. Torres will start as our number one striker, but if he's not producing the goods, or he gets injured, he may not get it all his own way. No-one should be in the team on reputation alone, you have to compete for your spot by producing, and I hope Torres is up for the fight, rather than thinking it's his by right.

The best way to own a spot is to produce. It applies to every other member of the squad, it should apply to Torres, and if he's not producing, I hope Sturridge gets his chance, he has been at Chelsea 3 years, waiting to play up front, and he deserves a fair crack.

The ball is in Torres' court to keep him out.

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