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Why do the shirt numbers look different in the Champions League?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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This has probably been going on for years and I've simply never noticed it.

The design of the numbers on Chelsea's shirts is radically different in the Champions League compared to the Premier League. It's not just the missing Barclays logo. The font is blockier, squared-edged.

Does anyone know why this is? And has it been happening, unnoticed by me, for ages?

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We have had different fonts in the champions league. Last season we had the same block font though I think.

I can remember a few of the older ones. There was this one with the small lettering.


This I think is the standard Adidas font which a lot of teams use.


And we had this one even before that.


I think the premier league have regulations for the size and type of font that can be used, so every team has the same one(Serie A and La Liga dont have such regulations I believe, so you see teams like Madrid and Juve using their own personal designs). But the champions league doesn't have such specification, so the manufacturers use their own font for obvious reasons. I believe that uefa did try and bring in a mandatory font one year, but not all the teams complied so the idea was scrapped.

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Yea last year we had the same numbering style, the US college style block letters the best way I can think to describe it. Personally I think it looks pretty awesome but like footballoholic said, the PL uses a standard numbering style which is why they all generally look the same, I belive it's been a few years since they've changed anything

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