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Revolution or Evolution?


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This isn't a knee jerk article by the way. I am perfectly calm and unsuprised by this result. At first I did think Evolution was perhaps the right method but I honestly think we are in need of a revolution. A mass overhaul of the senior players to cull wages and this culture we have at Chelsea of blaming everything and everyone but the players.

I genuinely believe we are wasting time here. I love Drogba, Frank, JT etc and will always appreciate everything they have done for this club but I believe for this club to progress they need to have vastly reduced roles.

Look how quickly Barca and Man U's transitions have happened, it only took two seasons for them to get back to the top.

If this club is to move forward under AVB then IMO:

Anelka, Bosingwa, JT, Lampard, Drogba, Malouda, Hilario, Ferreira, Ashley Cole all have to go.

Now this isn't football manager to I'm not going to propose we sign Messi, Ronaldo etc but we can implement the one or two excpetional youngsters we do have who IMO are Josh and Kakuta and then spend a decent amount replacing the old guard. Wage bill would come down significantly and we can finally build a new team around a new manager in AVB.

I know my article won't go down with most but I genuinely believe people fear change. The reality is unless we build again like Ferguson has done in the past with United teams we will have to learn to accept mediocrity like Arsenal and Spuds do. Given the money RA has invested in the club and continues to invest mediocrity isn't good enough IMO.

Would like to here views from both sides on how we should go forward.

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I'm going to tell you something.

Our season is in danger of imploding.

We have a £50m striker who's not firing.

Or playing.

We have seasoned pros under-performing.

Our manager is 34 years old.

Guus Hiddink is available.

He gets on very well with our owner.

He did a tremendous job when with us.

He got under-performing players playing.

Malouda looked like a world-beater.

All our players looked happy and we only lost one game.

Roman might be sizing up which is the lesser humiliation ..

Sacking a manager he paid £13m for ..

Or watching his £50m investment blow up in his face.

I suspect Hiddink will be on his way soon.

The question is ..

In what role will he arrive?

If I was Roman I would hold fire.

If I was a betting man ..

Well, lose to Valencia and I fear AVB might be investing in suitcases.

With his package, he'll be able to afford them.

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I think you're right, and my thoughts on some are

Bossy- to be honest never really been good enough for us!

Ash- it would appear that his long standing ankle injury has caught up with him!

JT- needs to find out what Wenger did for Adams to extend his career!

Frank- just not suited to the new system- goals this season have masked poor performances!

Malouda- 18 good months out of 5 years does not make a Chelsea legend, should of gone last summer!

Kalou- see Bossy!!!

Drogs- malaria has taken its toll, no-where near the player that terrorised defences 2 years ago!

Mikel- Merieles showed the way the position is supposed to be played, he's too slow and offers nothing going forward!

Nico- Just winding down his contract, looks like he already wants to be elsewhere!

Now thats 9 of our first team squad so a third of our current playing squad, need something doing to them! Now take into account that 4/5 of those are first team starters and we can see the problem! I think JT could improve given the right players and system around him and maybe Ash just needs to rest that ankle!

Over and over I have been calling for a 4231 formation and to put a bit of fantasy on it this would be my team! (no ridiculous players)












Subs: Josh, Kakuta, Luiz, Turnball, Frank, Bertrand

I also think that now is the time to try it, we're not going to win the league this season, so what do we have to lose?

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Revolution. Uprising. Blood. Thunder.

Well, maybe not that dramatic but something drastic is of the essence, as Jeeves would put it.

This two month period of November and December has been our undoing since the last season of Mourinho. This means something has not been right ever since then. Cant be the managers. Its the players who enjoyed back to back success. The spine of the team has come down from there year after year with managers coming and going. The spine was knackered back then. Its broken now. Ever since that period these players have lost something. We should have slowly moved them out one by one but it now seems it has to be done the hard way.

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Revolution or evolution, we can't do with some of the players right now. AVB can do what Carlo did, and keep picking the same old players until the cow come home, or he can grow some balls and put some youth on, start from this weekend. We need hunger, work rate, and commitment, last night few of them showed that. In my view, if AVB keeps playing Lampard/Drogba/Malouda/Mikel etc, we will be midtable soon, and he will find himself out of a job. He's a smart man, shouldn't be making the same mistake as Carlo (who must be wondering how he deserved to be sacked right now)

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For me someone at the club needs to make a bold move like Fergie does at united and let the old guard go. As sad as i will be to see Drogba, JT, even Lamps and maybe Cole go, we need to rebuild and in every revolution there needs to be changes.

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For me someone at the club needs to make a bold move like Fergie does at united and let the old guard go. As sad as i will be to see Drogba, JT, even Lamps and maybe Cole go, we need to rebuild and in every revolution there needs to be changes.

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