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Alright guys, new to this site so bear with me!

I'm sure this question has been put to you by many fans before, I am planning on going to the Napoli game at home in March. I was just wondering where the best place to sit is? I have been to the bridge 5 times in the past and always sat in the east/west stands and found the atmosphere is pretty crap compared to the MH and Shed!

So, which out of MH and the Shed is better to sit in? I've heard the MH lower is the best atmosphere but at the same time I would like a decent view of the stadium I so rarely get to visit and as I'm doing it via general sale I guess I'd be put near the back!

I'm also bringing along one of my pals, who doesn't support Chelsea or any other team. May be a stupid naive question but he probably wouldn't celebrate too much if we score, do people mind that?!

Thanks in advance!

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Hello indeed. Sounds to me like you're a Napoli fan but never mind. Your "mate" hey .. ?

The atmosphere should be good for this one. The Napoli fans make a lot of noise and we should be in good voice, bearing in mind it's the 2nd leg and it's knockout time.

Shed Upper, MHU and West Lower should provide a decent view and a bit of atmosphere, if you're looking for the combination.

MHL is the best for atmosphere but I doubt tickets will be on general sale for there, and you're right, you don't see much from the back.

The Napoli fans will be in The Shed if you want to be near them but don't dance about if they score ;)

Apologies if you're genuine.

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I understand your concern! I'm from the midlands so don't know too many blues! He's a good mate of mine and just loves his football hence why he's agreed to come (I couldn't find anyone else!). I was at the West Lower for the Liverpool game in the League Cup and wasn't too keen to be honest, not a lot of singing, I seemed to be the only one up!

Like you said, the atmos should be quality which is why I wanted to go. I think I'll go for MHU then, thanks for the suggestion.

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Cheers mate. I have one other question actually, where's a good place to drink near the ground? I went to a pub called the blackbird near earls court last time which was alright! But just seeing what other options there are as I'm going to the United game in a couple of weeks!

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