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Not a very negative post

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While it does look like we are going to have a new English Champion this season, for a short while, it does look very negative isn't it? We lost the record of scoring in every league game and created a new record of 3 straight draws ( i hope this will not be a pattern like our record of string of games without conceding a goal) and many players were playing with their heads dipped. Lampard lost possession too easily and Ashley Cole could have been better with that first half header. We nearly lost the plot in the 76th min when Hilario went out to claim a high ball off the corner and completely missed it.

But considering that we were without creative players like Joey, Robben and the defending lynchpin of Cech and JT, i sort of expected a draw. Statistically, Villa was also due for some kind of rebound but i hate it that it has to be against us.

Secondly, it was the fourth game in a miserable Christmas season so fatigue does set in.

My concern was when Lamps, Essien and Drogba were trying their very best, we looked at the bench and we could have no one better except Mikel. Yes, the Obi one did try to did some neat Yoda footwork but that was it. And Geremi was not overlapping, just pumping some hopeful ball from the right.

Lastly, Villa was very combative and credit to O'Neil's team.

I have been disappointed in the last 10 days and my expectation has now been tempered somewhat because i am resigned to destiny.

Manu will win the crown jewel and unless we have those wonderful players back, we can also say goodbye in the Champion's League, even at the hand of Porto.

At least, we kept a clean sheet, didn't we?


P/S i do not know how but i am working very hard to get myself upgraded back as forum regular, not a last time saloon :(

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Hello peops, not posted for a while.

Sloppy Xmas for Chelsea however on a positive note, the blip will end soon and United still have to experience a run of medorce performances.

I think that the elder statemen of United might start to struggle in the last third of the season.

I will not hide the fact that I would much prefer to see Chelsea retain the Prem then for the Mancs to get it.

Keep the faith, things will come good. At least the FA cup weekend will relieve some stress of late.

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