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Given the limitations for self fulfilment/employment opportunities in current Hard Times UK,
Short Fuse
might be an option for your consideration. They have a simple mandate:- they welcome "short stories" from anyone of any age and on any subject, which are then read by experienced authors. They make no claim to fame and fortune but, at the very least, it affords an opportunity for everyone to kick at the door we might otherwise have perceived as ajar solely to a minority.

Be encouraged, they even thanked me for my contribution
-- conceived on a rainy afternoon during a break from mind-numbing decorating -- as if an insight into the bollo that spins between my ears could possibly inspire gratitude in anyone!

And as in so many of the best things in life you've absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a try, your brain will love you for the exercise and it affords an escape from the narrow confines of Twitter and FaceAche... costs? just the Email for your "short story" and there's no ongoing commitment.

I've not the remotest affiliation to
Short Fuse
-- I noticed their flyer in the window of a shop displaying "Girly Toys" -- and my motivation springs solely from learning (BBCNews24) that many young unemployed people choose to "kill the day" by sleeping through... exactly the same practice my old man employed during his enforced stay at Her Majesty's establishment opposite Park Royal station... and that's a criminal
(Ooops, sorry Pops)
waste of life.


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Your account ain't been hacked has it?

No, I've checked my overpowering Norton... I walk very slowly past the Girly Toys shop most days. If you're unhappy with the topic I'll willingly abide by your decision and do penance by eating my crash helmet and posting the video Edited by fishCFC
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