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"Full Mode" not working

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Guys, just a heads up, and looking for some advice here, when using this site mobile. Usually there is a mobile skin that loads and at the bottom of either forum, or the main page itself, there is a button to load "Full Mode."

however, when i click on that button it "nudges" the address bar slightly as if it's about to load, and then does nothing.


Thanks again

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ah see that's where the bug is, it won't change until I can sort it hopefully this week.

But.. you should still be able to use chat, hit the little box button at the top of mobile version and you should see this menu?


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Give your spare cash to the Shed End folks! You get hours of pleasure from it - time to fork out some lolly! Each according to his/her means. Nobody needs to give a fortune - a wee bit each is all that's needed.

And a big thank you to Craig at Vidahost! ::clap2::

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It may take a couple of days for mine to clear through, as I have no credit card linked to paypal.

But agreed moi, this is a place that I get much enjoyment out of so I'm happy to chip in a bit on a reasonably regular basis to keep this place going strong.

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