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Who hates Diamonds?


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PR, Butch & Loz how do i get myself a -not a fan of the diamond formation- emoticon?

I think the diamond formation sucks the big one. Even with Sheva and Ballack stuck in second gear we should have enough quality to not have looked the inferior team against Foolham ffs.

Im not buying into all this crisis crud that we are getting from the media and some fans on this forum. Sure we have some defensive problems, however a team in our position should be able to cope if not for the cubic zirconia formation.

Dropping points is nothing new to people who have followed Chelsea prior to the Russian. Although I have never felt as ashamed as I have in the last 5 minutes when Fulham were mauling us as they pushed for the win.

I am of the opinion that the 'diamond' formation we are using is the largest contributing factor to why we have been crud this season.

Am I the only person that thinks that diamonds should only be found on the players fingers at The Bridge?

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As for your main point I am in agreement that the diamond formation is not ideal. I have never been a fan of it going back well before this season and complained bitterly about it in the summer when it was looking more and more likely that we were going to adopt it.

For one it is an ugly formation to watch unless you:

a) have a player of the utmost class playing at the front tip and

:sofa: Have two strikers who, along with that front tip player, have established a top notch understanding of each other's game.

We have neither of these things.

It also needs full backs that are both keen, and given permission, to bomb up and down the flanks and that is something Jose has not always been keen to allow our full backs to do.

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Do we actually play a diamond? Ballack, Frank, Essien seem to interchange so much it's hard to nail it down.

Correct me if im wrong but i think the interchanging is a consequence of passages of play in the game.

What im getting at regarding the 'diamond' is the fact that it does make us look ugly and does not play to the strengths of our playing staff.

The only way it could work is the way Loz mentioned; i doubt that Mourinho would do that imo. (seeing as he insists on at least 1 fullback play slightly infield like an auxilary centre half).

That is why my mind boggles at why we keep persisting with it.

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Diamonds are a girls best friend. But even if I'm not a girl (I wasn't the last time I checked anyway) I really like the diamond biggrin.gif

BUT...and that's a big but...

We have a very, very, very, very centrered diamond midfield and that is not good. In a diamond midfield you should have the opportunity to use wingers to get more width.

So I guess a diamond midfield with Lampard, Essien, Robben and Cole would be better than having Lampard, Essien, Makelele and Ballack.

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and there was me thinking that we had dropped all our recent points playing 4-3-3.

Must have been my imagination.

and don't forget



Ive seen the new one with Daniel Craig and I reckon its better than any of the ones with Brosnan (Pierce Brosnan will always be Remington Steel to me.

We have played the diamond the majority of the season and honestly imo the only reason why we are only 6 behind is due mainly to the form of Drogs.

If we had played 433 most of this season then in all probability SWP, Kalou and Robben would had plenty more game time then they have had to get into any sort of form.

I remember the run of 4 goals to something wins with the 4-3-3 in the first Premiership season. We have needed to score at least 3 goals to win matches lately since we've been letting in 2 and i dont see that happening often with the dull and restrictive Diamond.

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Personally i'd really like to see us return to a 4-3-3 formation.

However, if we are being honest, the big problem with Chelsea at the moment is defence and its something we need to sort out first before decidsing what we will do offensively.

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4-3-3 is still the best system if you have players like Robben and Joe. Can?t wait too see them both in a 4-3-3 with Sheva or Drogba to get service of our flying wingers.

The problem is that Cole is out for the rest of the season and by the time he's back Sheva might already be sold icon_rolleyes.gif

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I don't think Sheva is going anywhere to be honest. He came to England for a reason and I don't beleive he will just pack up and leave anytime soon.

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i do prefer a parallelogram myself :)

no seriously, diamonds are very good when they work ofc.

theres good supporting width from the fullbacks, good defensive cover in midfield, and provided the 2 central midfielders can run a lot and can pass well, excellent service from them.

plus you get an attacking midfielder to slot behind the 2 strikers :)

it DOES fall down easily if the fullbacks dont get up and/or the 2 central midfielders arent very good quality.

for us, on paper our diamond should be awesome (if geremi was a little more rounded)





that SHOULD provide it all, but of course lamps is out of position there to allow ze cherman to play up front, so i would have:





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