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Chelsea v Bayern Munich (CL Final) 19/05/12 KO 19:45 BST

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Drogba and Pete were both unbelievably great. Drogs headed about 100 times the ball away from our box and he scored twice. His only mistake was the penalty but it didn't matter in the end. Petr could have saved the Muller goal but he is just amazing in penalties. Can't even remember the times he couldn't catch a single penalty. He is the best penalty saving goalie in the world at the moment.

Drogba's header was so incredible I went more mental than I ever have for a goal.

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Still trying to get over that ride, feel like a building collapsed all around me yet I walked out unscathed to see the European Cup in Chelsea's hands

F**king Brilliant, Champions Of Europe and as a bonus knocked Spuds out of next seasons competition - how sweet is that

back to the Telly to see that bald coot Friedel eat his words


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From a Liverpool fan....

Well done Chelsea. Welcome to the club of English CL Winners.

Just don't do what we did and get rid of the manager who steered the team to success,

Thanks. We have a while to go to get to your number, but I guess one feels very good right now.

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Alrite Lads and Lasses,

Man City fan here just popped in to say congratulations on your epic win it's well deserved If Abramovitch doesn't give your man Di Matteo the managers job now then it's a crying shame and a great injustice in my opinion.

Sorry if this post is in wrong place but am a bit lost on here. I shall now leave you to enjoy your party, Enjoy.

Thank you, we can gloat together on the empty trophy cabinets of others!

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Swansea fan here. Over the moon for all you Chelsea fans, your team, Di Matteo and een Abramovich. What a match ! It wasn't even my team and I couldn't watch Drogba take his penalty! Congratulations to all at the club. Time to celebrate!!

Cheers, Mate. You have a class team, and look forward to playing you next season again.

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