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Chelsea v Bayern Munich (CL Final) 19/05/12 KO 19:45 BST

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Drogba scoring the header with Martin Tyler and Gary Neville commentating is immortalised in my brain forever. His commentary for Aguero's winner of the league for Man City was pretty special, tonight's "DROGBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" was another level, Neville's (more manly than v Barca) "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!" is absolutely glorious. Tyler's "HE'S DONE IT!" when Drogs scored the winning penalty isn't bad either! What a night.


Neville's reactions to our big CL goals are nothing short of legendary. Neville last night kept talking about how it was destiny for us to win and it was written in the stars.

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Congratulations on becoming champions of Europe, you have done our country proud. I was on the edge of my seat and cheering like a maniac when Drogba scored his penalty.

I now hope some of our fans will stop all this stupid nonsense about rivalry and give your players a much more warmer welcoming at Loftus Road next season that they deserve.

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Got the whole game recorded, just watching highlights today but I shall be watching the whole thing again tomorrow, can't wait!!

I`m gutted, I went to watch it on my Sky+ this morning and found I had recorded the 3D channel by accident.

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If i was to give anyone advice on how you can go 31 hours without sleep after getting only two hours sleep the night before, I would say...GO AND WATCH THE TEAM YOU HAVE LOVED FOR 30 YEARS WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE....WE HAVE ONLY GONE AND BLOODY DONE IT...

got back this afternoon so only seen the parade on tv but while I know my body won't be happy with what i have put it through, my spirit is happy as larry....Champions League, we're having a laugh!!

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Nothing else to say. Amazing night, amazing team. Still buzzing 24 hours later.

Cheers mate. Absolutely devastated, to play like we did and then lose. Proud of the team, they gave everything.

Have a good day.

Cheers, your boys have nothing to be ashamed of today, its just unfortunate that someone had to lose.

I guarantee the core of this Bayern team will win at least one CL with Muller, Schweini, Lahm, Neuer, Gomez, etc. So much talent there.

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In nearly 50 years of following the blues, never felt emotions like that before, absolutely unbelievable.

Its also the first time i've managed to watch penalties, what an epic season it turned out to be, who would of thought that before Robbie took over the reins.

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They're great Newt! Been hoping to find something similar but with Tottenham, no luck yet!

Here you are! it may be a repost from earlier but its still priceless.


I don't know, Westway. With Barca and Madrid out there, I would not be so sure about that.

I felt Bayern were convincingly the better team in each leg against Madrid, im sure theyll be back in coming years.

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I'm still on cloud 9 with the victory, my voice is just beginning to recover from the shouting! Congratulations to everybody for a victory that will live long in the memory who witnessed it Well done lads. ::clap2::

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