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Chelsea v Bayern Munich (CL Final) 19/05/12 KO 19:45 BST


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Same here, I had no idea who was taking out next pen and I was worried until I saw Drogs stroll up. I told my wife we've done it, it's going in.

me too I saw him walk up and thought 'we're 10 seconds from winning the trophy'.

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I've actually made it back in one piece. My voice is pretty much nonexistent, my whole body aches, my head is spinning from the amount of booze I've consumed, I'm suffering from sleep deprivation (about 6 hours in 3 days) it took me 22 hours to get there, 20 hours to get back by coach and train and I have to go to work in the morning.

Do I care about my current poor state of health? Do I bollocks!

Would I do it all again? Yes!


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Chelsea: Champions of Europe.

Chelsea: FA Cup winners.

Spurs: Do not qualify for the Champions League

Manchester City: Premier League Champions, ousting Man United

If anyone tries to tell you that we had all the luck, just tell them to sod off. The laws of physics were not suspended when we beat Napoli, Benfica, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. We had the right tactics to deal with these teams, the right attitude and the right team.

It's Monday morning, the sun is shining and life is truly perfect!!!

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I am still in dreamland and still in the best football high I've ever had.

Watched the game at home, with only my first Chelsea jersey and my scarf as companions. But, strangely enough, just as the game started, all my nerves disappeared and I just knew, I saw, that whatever Bayern throw at us, it won't be enough, that we are the stronger, if not the better team, that tonight we will NOT be beaten, no matter what. I felt we were always going to equalize just as I felt Bayern would probably score in the minutes before they did. I thought we would win it in ET, but this way was even better.

When Mata missed, I kept repeating that the first team to miss usually wins; when Schweinsteiger missed, I couldn't believe the implications of it - Didier scores and we are there! - and I had to pace around my small room and repeat it to myself. When he stepped up, there was only one outcome. When he scored, I just collapsed on the floor and watched in disbelief - bliss is the best way I can put it. My mind empty of conflict, of thought, just pure, boundless pleasure and relief.

Who played how is unimportant. We were a force of nature last night and we won it, that's all that matters. My every footballing dream is fulfilled, every footballing dragon slayed and buried. There is nothing more I can ask of this team - Chelsea has given me everything.

Virosh, well puts, mate. I felt exactly the same.



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Well that was something, wasn't it!

Enjoyed it with a few lads down at a pub, usually I have to watch these games at home because of the times the games kick off, but it was a nice 11.45am kick off. Started drinking about 11am and kept going until about 1am last night. The party continued back to my place!

Anyway, what a rollercoaster of emotions this season has been, and that was some way to finish it all off. POtentially Didier's last kick with us? What a way to say goodbye, you could tell how much it meant when he was running aroud trying to find someone to celebrate with, and then his rush down to the Chelsea fans was amazing.

At about 80 minutes I said "whoever scores now will win it!" But even when they scored I knew that this team wasn't about to lie down and give up!

When Didier scored we went mental, and then were a bag of nerves for the penalties. I doubt there is one of us that wasn't having flash backs to Moscow. However, we did it, and you know when I saw Didier come up for the 5th penalty I was quitely comfortable, then elation. Shots bought for everyone within reach, it just felt so epic.

I am obviously very jealous of those that got to go, but we all can celebrate worldwide as one big happy Blue Family!!!

A huge thanks to all the opposing fans that came on here and congratulated us. To join the elite of Europe is just amazing, surreal! That we'll be able to sing about being Champions of Europe is a great feat, and we should sing it loud and proud!

Thank you all!!!

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What a match and what a cup run this has been, nothing short of phenomenal. Was at my uni pub watching the match and was on my knees just absolutely numb when Drogba slotted home his penalty, the culmination of so much work and pain for the longest time, just the most amazing feeling.

Thoughts on the match, firstly absolute brilliance by Robbie D regarding Bertrand, was shocked to see it at the start and no doubt a huge risk but it made a lot of sense, a really defensive minded left winger just to help and shackle robben down that flank and he also provided a good attacking outlet.

Next the performance of some of the players, Mikel, Drogba, Cole and Cech espicially were just absolutely immense. Mikel was a monster in the middle of the park and made an absolute mockery of all the people who have been calling for him to get sold for the last few seasons, Was great work by Robbie D to bring him back into the fold after AVB had frozen him out and he has repaid him 1000 times over. Ashley Cole proved that he does have a real claim to being called the best left back in the history of the game not just the current era, his consistent high level of performance over such a large period of time defies belief and during this cup run he has been nothing short pf phenomenal.

Drogba and cech I dont really think anything needs to be said. The big moments in big matches and these guys contiunally come up with the big plays. Just think of the FA cup final in 2010, petr saves a penalty then moments later Drogba fires in a free kick. It is time and time again, both absolute Chelsea legends and this final was the perfect example of this.

Luiz and Cahill were also nothing short of miraculous in this. Their first match in weeks, the pressure is just huge and they were so resilient. I saw one moment from Cahill where he could so easily have been mistaken from JT the way he threw his body on the line and I think we really have a great player on our hands here. The fact they managed to get through 120minutes is just from sheer determination and willpower.

A sidenote in the middle of talking about the match, really struggling to see why so much of the media and people on twitter have a problem with JT getting into his playing gear. He made a unbelievably stupid move in Barcelona, he has paid the price dearly for it but without him we would not have been in this final, he is our club captain and he deserved to be out there celebrating and in my opinion he can do it any damn way he wants to.

As far as extra time goes, I hate to say it but that was a penalty on Ribery, he went over very easily but his ankle was certainly caught. however mere moments before that i'm 100% sure that Torres got brought down for a penalty as well and only the fact that he got straight to his feet and tried to carry on stopped this turning into a big incident. Thought fernando was actually very good, had some very important moments defensively and was quite the livewire with some of his runs. Quite disappointed with this whole outburst (which the media is blowing way out of proportion) If these things need to be said best keep it in house and if it is going to happen publicly maybe just time it a little better. I can understand where he is coming from, seeing bertrand get the nod in the starting 11 whilst he had to take his place on the bench must have been a real blow but he is an absolute proffesional and he performed very well when he got his chance. Here's hoping there is a lot more good times ahead for him in blue in the coming seasons.

As far as the shootout went, watched it about 20 times over since then but I just had so many flashes of deja vu to not just Moscow but nearly every chelsea shootout of the last 2 decades. The fact that it was also down Bayern's end and they had first shot makes it all the more impressive. Lahm scoring and mata missing jsut felt like a nightmare and when they were 2 up and Luiz is starting his run up from the other end of the staidum I could just see it getting blasted right over the bar. But it was a highly impressive penalty as it also was by Lamps (of course his was perfect), Cole (wow what a penalty) and then lastly Drogba. To have another chelsea legend miss a penalty that could have won us the cup was more than my poor heart would have been able to bare, however there was no risk of this with Didier Drogba stepping up. Ice running through his veins he dispatched it so cooly it almsot makes me wonder why i was nervous about what the outcome would be.

That feeling when it went in was just phenomenal, I was on my knees, could barely cheer just absolutely numb and teary and the feeling of pure ecstasy. Was one of the most fantastic moments and the type of thing you only dream about.

This season has certainly been a mixed bag, once more manager coming in, manager going. Worst domestic campaign in god knows how long, some terribly shocking performances in the league but along that a cup run that just defies belief and makes you truly believe in a higher being, God sitting up there in the clouds, Drogba jersey on, Chelsea scarf draped around his broad shoulders just helping us with one divine intervention after another. Going back to the group stages and conceding that late penalty to Valencia, losing that matchin injury time to Leverkusen, drawing with Genk for heavens sake!! Having to go into that last round of fixtures needing a win (where who else but drogba scores a brace). Then we venture onto Naples and that crushing loss, where if it hadnt been for Ashleys glorious intervention we would have been facing a gigantic mountain to make it to the quarters. Even the quarters was a struggle with the tie up in the air for the last 5minutes.

That leads onto Barca and if i went into detail on that I would be sitting here for a very long time typing and then the final, to have gone through all this and fallen short just would not have seemed fair considering Chelsea fans must have aged around 10-15 years each through all the other matches. Not only did we win it but we did it in a fashion that seemed so fitting with everything else we went through. Provided ultimate vindication for our precious golden oldies and absolute redemption for that horrific night in Moscow.

So proud to support this club, Chelsea has been a part of me since I was 5 years old. Back then we were 11th in the league and I could never even begin to comprehend the success that would come and this amazing path that we have trodden, So much to be thankful for and just so proud to be a blue.


European Champions!!!!!!!!!

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“Down to 10 men, 2-0 down, Nou Camp away – at that point, not one single person in the world would have put money on Chelsea going through.

“But we did. That was the moment we thought we’d done the big one.

“When we conceded against Bayern, that’s what came to mind.

“We had 10 minutes – we’d done it in Barcelona down to 10 men–with 11 we could do anything.” -Petr Cech

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Guys, I am lost for words... I never thought I would ever see the day that I can say we are European Champions BUT....


Thank you to all of the squad everyone at Chelsea for making our dream come true. You have done yourselves and us fans proud!!

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I've just seen some footage on YouTube after the penalty went in and about 5 of our players ran back to our fans - three to the end and it appeared to be another 2 to the each corner. Judging from pictures I've seen else where I can tell three of the five are Cole, Lampard and Luiz - anyone have a clue about the other two? Here's the footage:


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Got back from Munich late last night, and still on cloud nine. One of the best night's of my life without a doubt, and one I will never ever forget. Just incredible.

The time for more detailed aalysis will come once my brain and body recover, but suffice to say the committment from every player, every part of the management team and every fan was unbelievable. Mikel, Cahill, Cole and Didier were breathtakingly good, but it feels unfair to single anyone out for more praise that the others on a night where teamwork and passion proved the undoing of a very good Bayern side.

Double double double, Jonh Terry has won the double!

And the sh*t from the Lane have won f*ck all again,

John Terry has won the double!


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My Favourite moments, in no particular order!

1, Roman lifting the cup, first time I've had tears in my eyes over a game of football! Thanks Roman where would we be without you, and last night you showed that you are a true blue!

2, The players running in all directions after Drogs penalty!

3, Ivan on the crossbar, pure class

4, The whole team lifting the trophy

5, That header, wow, I might have gone a little bit nuts at that point!

6, That penalty, I might have gone even more nuts at that point!

7, Being able to take the piss out of my Spuds mate and the look of absolute desolation on his face, a real Mastercard moment! Priceless!

As lots have said I never thought I would see this day but we are CHAMPIONS of EUROPE!!

Now I've got to stop smiling, people will think I'm mad!

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This was more a religious experience than a sporting one. I liked Drogba's comment that "this was written a long time ago". Also a nice touch dedicating it to all the managers and others who have helped along the way. Definitely not the strongest Chelsea CL squad we've seen over the years, but they've got there against all the odds, and delivered.

Some things we learned:

1. Bayern: That's what you do when you get a corner!

2. Muller: Understand your elation but it wasn't over

3. Cech: The terminator (of goal bound penalties)

4. Drogba: It's Drogba with a bullet, he's got his header on the target (dreadful I know, apologies to I'm 18 with a bullet!)

5. Schweisteiger: Class, Hope you get your hands on it one day

6. Luiz: Glad the Arena was big enough for your run up.

7. Neuer: Save the arrogance

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I've just seen some footage on YouTube after the penalty went in and about 5 of our players ran back to our fans - three to the end and it appeared to be another 2 to the each corner. Judging from pictures I've seen else where I can tell three of the five are Cole, Lampard and Luiz - anyone have a clue about the other two? Here's the footage:



Pretty sure Cahill ran that way aswell, not sure about the 5th

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we only need one

we only need one

we only need one


i'm dying here at work.................but with the broadest smile ever.....prob look like a real twat......(nah can't be that bad, theres a scumpool twat on the next floor and i don't look like him....)

on another note...pub full of people....spuds fans with german flags, ( can see their reasons) F N scumpool fans in there scum shirts cheering on Bayern (no reason other than we beat them c**ts)....at least Utd supporters stayed impartial and congratulated us at the end and wished us the best in enjoying our celebrations....

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