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Train crash

Lambeth Walker

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Hello everyone.I have been coming on this site for some months and find it very enjoyable so i have decided to join in the fun and try and get a few questions answered what have been bugging for years.

Right here we go, cast your minds back to the early 90,s we played Liverpoo at Anfield,The game Paul Elliot got badly injured and finished his playing career.

On the way home the train crashed into one of those metal benches what some little B******* had put on the track.The train was knackered so we had to get pulled back to the nearest station and get a replacement train.This took ages and when we got there, there was old bill with dogs everywhere making sure we behaved ourselves.What station was that?

Who was the MP? We was all using his Mobile brick to tell our mums, wifes,work, ect ect to tell them that we were all gonna be late.Jack Straw springs to mind but i could be wrong.The old mobile was very rare and very big in them days kids.

We got back to Euston and loads of people missed their connections so had to get taxis home i can remember one bloke had to get back to Torquay and the train companies footed the bill.I was told the tubes were still running and got as far as Victoria and had to walk the rest of the way to Southfields.No more tubes.No more money and sobering up rapidley.Happy days. :good2: Oh and by the way did we win?

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