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MOTM vs Liverpool (FA Cup Final)

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore


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  1. 1. Who is your MOTM?

    • Petr Cech
    • Jose Bosingwa
    • Branislav Ivanovic
    • John Terry
    • Ashley Cole
    • John Obi Mikel
    • Frank Lampard
    • Ramires
    • Juan Mata
    • Salomon Kalou
    • Didier Drogba
    • Raul Meireles
    • Florent Malouda

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Some really good performances, like Mikel, but THAT save makes me vote for Cech. So important and so amazing. He shouldn't have been able to save that. It was a goal all the way, but somehow he did get a hand up and saved us.

Mark my words, that save will be part of the FA Cup history. In 50 years time when they show a video of the FA Cup that save will be one of the highlights.

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I went for Drogba for his excellent goal and his fantastic work rate (how many headers did he win?), but a very close second for Cech, whose save kept us ahead at a crucial point.

Overall, I thought the team played well, but noone really stood out, or at least not throughout.

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Guest Sindre

Mikel. What a beast. Suarez and Gerrard is still trying the find their way out of his pocket. And he never gets the praise he deserve so i might aswell do it. That save from Cech deserves mention aswell. What a day!

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Gonna give it to big Pete, although Mata and Drogba ran him close in my opinion.

Also got to give props to Ivan for the clearance straight after Cech's wonder save - it would of been easy for him to lose focus and let Kuyt bundle the ball into the net, and that would of been a certain goal.

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Cech for me. That save not only solidified the win, but took some steam out of the Scousers.

Well done to everyone at CFC though, they deserve to lift the trophy!

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Strange one as a lot of players had up and down games, I thought Ash had a good first half as did Mikel, Mata and Ramires but all suffered a bit later on, I find it hard to see past Mata as he pulled a few strings and looked class until we were under siege, Drogs was good again and JT and Ivan as well until Caroll came on and Bullied them a bit.

over all on the night for me its really tight between Mata, Cech and Drogs but I think Drogbas reliability in Cup finals like this has earned him my vote.

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Most of the players had really good games, for the most part, but my vote goes to Mikel - great tackling, passing and distribution, and unfairly yellow carded.

Ashley also had a really good game, as did Mata, JT, Lamps, Ramires and Ivan - even Bosingwa & Kalou did well. I'd add Petr Cech to that list but I personally feel that he could have stopped Carroll's goal. Drogs did great up until Liverpool scored, and then he seemed to just disappear.

Never mind - WE WON THE CUP, yet again!

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