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I am a fool because....

Eight Times

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This is a thread for those of us who doubted the players, team and management through the season, and for those

man enough to admit they were wrong.............pie eating time my friends :blush2:

I am a fool because...................I claimed Drogba has about one decent game in three.

Sorry Drogba, you are an absolute legend, and you are more than welcome to come to my

house any time, and sleep with my mrs.

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Things I apologise for;

1. Suggesting Torres should have been sold in January (Drogba is still better)

Tell you what I don't apologise for though:

1. Saying AVB should have been given a P45

2. Saying Frank Lampard was in no way past it, and deserved to be still considered a key part of our midfield.

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3 Months ago I thought Drogba was dead and buried as one of our players and really needed to be sold in the summer. Now I have seen him become more happy to play many of the league games off the bench and he has shown us again that even at 34 he can be one of the best when he's up for it. I think we should try our hardest to get him that 1 year deal and if the worst comes to the worst just give him the 2 year! He's worth it!

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I'm a fool because I said (on here, and at work etc) that it might be a blessing if we didn't progress against Valencia, as

we'd most likely get hammered by Barcelona or Madrid in the knock out stages, we should give the Europa League a go instead.........

I'm sorry, I've just got such a love/hate relationship with the Champions League :blush2:

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I doubted the Drog. He is still one of the very best when he wants to be.

As for the CL, I've been saying we've got an excellent chance of winning from the moment we got through the group stages -apart from after the Napoli first leg (especially when I saw the Benfica/Barca route to the final - I was more worried we'd get the Italians in the semis).

I am also a fool for thinking that the top four in the league was the best way to get into the CL. This is far more the Chelsea way.

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