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The Apple iPhone has arrived

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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4th gen iPod here....brilliant device despite being overpriced. Never even a hint of a problem with mine and I've used it at least 2 hours a day for about 2 years now.

The iPhone is exclusive to Cingular over here, which is too bad. But I'm sure someone will manage to unlock it in short order so that it could be used on other GSM carriers.

I think today Apple VPs said that no custom applications will be able to run on it, which is bad news for Unix geeks (OSX of course is basically BSD Unix with a pretty wrapping).

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No problems with my iPod either.

I'm curious about the pricing. US prices with contract are usually pretty low comparatively. If it's $600 with a 2 year contract I wonder how much it'd cost here... I guess if it cost more than a top end Nokia it'd still be worth it?

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I've never had a portable mp3/video player, but loads of my friends have and they've never had any complaints about iPods, but one a friend of mine had a Sony and he said it was quite crap and another friend was not very pleased with his Creative player. Can't remember what his complaint was, but he was seriously thinking of going back to being an iPod user.

But as I've never owned one myself, I can't really know.

As for the screen on the iPhone getting greasy, that is a real problem. But I guess you can solve that easily by using one of those monitor wipes every now and then.

The high end Nokias(for example) do seem to have pretty good mp3 players in them(as well as using internet and some other features), though. Same quite propably goes Sony Ericssons too. So because Apple had zero experience of making a mobilephone, I'm a little sceptical about iPhone working as a phone. I could be wrong, though.

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