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After last nights disappointing showing by the current Youth Team, good news that both Chalobah & McEachran have been included in the England U 21 squad for next months European Championships.

Hopefully both will figure although both could probably do with a rest. I thought I heard that Josh had been playing through an ankle injury and was probably going to undergo an op during the summer?

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Danny Pappoe to Colchester to Jan 12th


I am happy to be joining @ColU_Official on loan. Looking forward to helping the U's achieve their aims. Thanks to all 4 making it possible




Milan Lalkovic to Walsall to Jan 5th


It's official now I signed for @WFCOfficial on 6months loan.. Really happy and looking forward to play for this club #wfc #cfc




Think it's pretty obvious and been for a while that neither will have any sort of career at the club but both now at the stage where they need to impress to get their next step in their careers so hopefully they can do that.


Good luck to them, especially Danny who's had a lot of injury problems.

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Wouldn't say no to Josh going to Crystal Palace. 


They like to play a decent passing game and I would like to think he is good enough to get into their starting XI. 


Piazon I can imagine going back to Spain. 


Wallace looked set for a loan to Roma but I imagine that's off the cards after they signed Maicon. Maybe one of the Milan's might be interested?

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Express reporting that Real Sociedad is a potential loan destination for McEachran. 


Personally think this is a great move, it's less physical than the championship, a good thing although it may seem strange as it's his physique that people worry about. I have said it before about him that although he promised so much so young this kind of player is often a late bloomer, Pirlo, Xavi are the prime examples. More recently Tom Cleverly although not that good a player he was 22 when he made his debut season for Manchester United. 


I think Spain is a good place for him as it will give him more time on the ball and will make his awareness of the game better and he can read the play with this experience, it may be 2 years before we see him in the squad but Spain will make him so much more aware and that is the key to this sort of player, experience on the pitch. 

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