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How about a Chelsea Bootcamp?

Danny B
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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How about a strategy that dispenses with a new big name foreign coach every two years, who comes at huge cost, with his own new backroom staff, new ideas and need for £100 million+ of new investment to stay competitive?

Instead JT and Lamps to call time on their International careers, take their coaching licences and work under Bobby D as assistant coaches from next 2013/2014 season.

They can spend next two summers visiting Ajax, Barca, PSG and Real Madrid (Carlo and Jose will be happy to oblige), take in a few international tournaments and learn some tactical nous to complement their existing winning mentality and self-belief.

Extend Di Matteo to a four year deal with the remit to grow one of them (probably JT) to eventually take the big seat, which in turn should help with the goal of transitioning from a team still heavily reliant on a spine established by Claudio to a younger more mobile side, with a least 2 pr 3 home grown players becoming first team regulars every year.

Let's put some proper foundations down and last year need not be a once in a lifetime. And we might even start to break even…

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You are assuming a lot there. 1 Robbie will be a success and will still be at the club all that time. 2 JT and Lamps wont want any time off to spend with their families after hanging up their boots. 3 you are assuming that we will produce 2 to 3 youngsters per year that are actually good enough to play in the first team when most top team produce 2 or 3 youngsters ever 5 years or so. Also you want JT to take over with no managing experience. A recipe for disaster if you ask me, unless you can convince Roman, the board and every single Chelsea fan that it's ok not to win anything because we are bringing loads of youth players and saving loads of money. Does that remind you or another London team that play in red?

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Like the idea but there are some flaws in it you need to work on. "extend Robbies contract to 4 yr". What it he completely flops next season as AVB did not so long ago.

Anyway I actually think JT will be part of our coaching staff in the near future. Lamps will probably take some time off the game when he retires and be an advisor for us or England or any team really.

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We have just won the youth cup so in essence our kids are better than everybody else’s kids. We just have to bring them on.

It’s a catch-22; they will never be good enough if we don’t give them a chance. A club like ours has enough resources and experience in the squad to support this but you have to have faith and patience. And we have to do something to respond to Platini’s fair play malarkey.

I agree Lamps has probably got an eye on a future media role but JT would love to stay at Chelsea long-term, and we only have to hand over if and when he was ready.

And I am certainly not advocating a Wenger model. A squad of French lightweights and no plan B.

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I like some parts. A lot of it we are doing already, eg sending our coaches around to other clubs and countries. It is big part of the success of Germany and Spain- they sent their coaches to Brazil, Holland, Argentina as well to other sports to learn what works, then synthesise it into the best programs of technical and athletic development.

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