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Captain, Leader, Legend

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Can someone paste in the translation? That website is a piece of sh*t and I cant copy just the article without copying everything.

Just for you Zola...

Cancer Sick Cicilie (21) received a letter from John Terry

- I've hit it, and now it says on the bedside table, says the Norwegian girl. Read the letter from Chelsea captain here.

Bergen (TV 2): - First, I did not understand completely what had happened. It was a tough day where I had just taken the cell poison.

Cicilie Andersen (21) are in a reclining sofa. The sun's rays illuminate the modern student apartment in the center of Bergen. The smell of freshly brewed tea surrounds photography student.

It's tough to be 21 years of age and cancer

Spread the table surface in front of her lies the Chelsea-effects that she recently received. And that's not what effects any time.

- John Terry has really sent me a letter! I get goose bumps every time I think about it. I've got a lot from the club.Among other things, a card with all the signatures, and a signed photo. It is amazing that they have thought of me, says young girl to tv2.no.

Stirred: Cicilie showed almost no idea what she would say or do when she got this lette

- I was so moved

from Chelsea Football Club, she has received a signed picture of John Terry, Frank Lampard and Florent Malouda.

And she has a team photo with all the players' signatures on a gymbag and a card that says "good improvement". And not least, a personal letter from John Terry.

In addition, she received a suit of Chelsea supporter in Bergen.

- I was so touched!Unbelievable made by the club I love, and I felt the tears came when I opened the package, she said.

The smile is loose as she continues.

- When I got buzzed me I did not know quite where to begin, or who I should thank.

- Long-awaited upturn

Cicilie has diagnosed lymphoma. The prognosis for survival is good.

The last time has been tough, but such episodes as this is a flash of light in everyday life.

- It's tough to be 21 years old and suffering from cancer. Just knowing that they think of me, and that they care, it means a lot, she tells tv2.no.

She says it was particularly the one thing that meant a lot to her.

Article continues below the picture!

Cicilie: Has definitely two players at Chelsea she puts a little higher than the others. It's John Terry and Frank Lampard.

- Letter from John Terry. I have framed, and it is on the bedside table. He was the first I had the jersey and he will always be a legend.Whatever is said in the media. The way he has been there for juniors at the club, and has been a strong leader is fantastic.

What do you think about everything except sports that have happened around him?

- It's obvious that he has made some mistakes in his career.But we are only human, and I will not defend what he has said. But I feel we must put this behind us now, and think ahead.

Twinkle in his eye

The man behind all this is called Stian Odegaard, he is head of the Chelsea Supporters of Bergen (CSB), together with a friend of his. They are no foundation, but a group of supporters who gathered every time there is a fight. At least.

Odegaard nice answer the phone when we ask him why he did this.

- I just thought we were to take on each other during this tough time. It is important to show that you appreciate each other, he said to TV 2

- How did you come to this?

- I wrote some e-mails over to Chelsea supporter in England. After some back and forth I got the number to someone who had contacts. And when the snowball began to roll, he clearly engaged.

Cicilie has now been under treatment since she discovered the tumor on the neck in April. She has been a while again by chemotherapy.Stirred: - I was so touched!Unbelievable made ​​by the club I love, and I felt the tears came when I opened the package, says Cicilie (21).© Private

Hard to say exactly how long, but according to doctors at Haukeland University Hospital, she looks to be on the mend.


But today is definitely over for Cicilie.

The sun is about to go behind the seven mountains that surround the rainy town of Bergen.The warm honey tea is drunk.

She seems tired, but it is easy to see a glow in his eye.

- I remember that I said after the Champions League final which Chelsea won in May, it is fortunately not my heart there is something wrong with.

- So if Chelsea fail to win the Champions League, I will do this.

So wrote John Terry Cicilie:

" Dear Cicilie

We have heard that you do not have it very good for the future.

And we would get in touch to wish you good recovery.

I know the players well, and we were impressed when we heard how brave you have been.

And we want you to know that we are thinking of you and your family, what we can imagine the difficult times.

On behalf of all the players and everyone in Chelsea, I am sending good thoughts.


Regards, John Terry, first team captain. "

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