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Paulo Ferreira - a Chappie or a Sharon Wood


What do you reckon on Paulo as a right back?  

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    • Chappie (None Shall Pass) Ferrer
    • Sharon (Deserves a Girl's Name) Wood

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It never ceases to amaze me when I hear people say Paulo is not a good full back. For me he is easily the best right back in our squad and if given a decent run in the first team would prove himself (again) to be one of the finest in Europe.

However I am prepared to be wrong on this and for Bluebeard to be right (well that isn't strictly true, in fact is isn't marginally true, if the truth be known I'm having none of it, Bluebeard your taste in full backs is as classy as your taste in strip joints!)

So a quick straw poll to see if BJD, G4 and I are hugely in the right or if Bluebeard is hugely in the wrong.

So picture the scene. We are down the local park and have made quick goals out of Teabar's jumper (which we managed to stretch to be posts and a crossbar) and G4's Edmund Hilary jacket and trouser set. We are picking teams in that good old school fashioned way of leaving the Enrico till last. Do you look down the list of CHelsea players who have just happened to agree to have a kickabout with us and think:

A) I wanna get Paulo, he is like Chappie Ferrer and granted he won't get forward much but the boy knows how to defend and is positionally excellent.

B) My God it is another Sharon Wood - if only Stevie Clarke were here to replace the bugger!

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As I may have mentioned before, I don't rate Ferreira icon_wink.gif

I thought he was good when he first arrived, though not great, but he's got worse as time's gone on. It's got to the point now that I flinch whenever we're defending, because Paulo has become such a liability.

His distribution is awful, his heading even worse (three times in the last couple of weeks I've seen him head the ball straight up in the air while defending in his own area), and his tackling leaves a lot to be desired, he's given away quite a few silly free-kicks recently - though I'm prepared to accept that lack of games has affected his timing. Oh, and his positioning is crap too.

To even think about comparing him to Chappie is sacrilege! icon_eek.gif

Trouble is, Geremi isn't much of a replacement - he's more of a wing-back than a defender.

I reckon we should go out and buy Anthony Vanden Borre from Anderlecht - he can't be any worse than what we've already got. I'd suggest making a bid for Alan Hutton, but I'd hate to see him leave Ibrox icon_wink.gif

And, Loz, I'll have you know that my taste in strip joints is impeccable. Well, actually, thinking about it, what with The Peel.......scrap that - but my taste in full-backs is brilliant! icon_lol.gif

As for the girl's name - how about Fanny Ferreira? icon_wink.gif

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Have to agree with dkw, as no way is he as bad as Darren bloody Wood, but he is not in Chappie's class either.

Also have to agree with BlueBeard in that he looked great when he first played for us but now looks decidedly dodgy at times. Always thought the problem with Johnno was the dodgy moments - the lapses in concentration etc. But at least he was young and could learn from them. If we'd stuck with Johnno throughout, who knows we might now have a pretty decent right back as oppossed to 3 or 4 who are all as average as each other.

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No way is he anywhere near as good as Chappie but I think given a decent run in the team he would earn back even the respect of Bluebeard,

as he said when he came he looked pretty good and to be honest I think its down to Jose's fannying about more than Paulo being more of a fanny Ferreira icon_wink.gif

best RB in our squad by a country

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I think he is a solid, dependable player and currently the best right-back on our books - but I don't think he is world class.

He is a very good positionally, and is excellent in one-on-one situations (almost never gets beaten) and links up very well with Carvalho.

However he has a few bad points. He is not very good in the air, offers very little going forward (which is a necessity for a world-class right-back) and is not quite physical enough for me. I get the impression that he would much rather be defending against a quick, skillful left winger than against a big centre-forward who has been pushed wide.

Also, his mental toughness is a bit questionable if you ask me. I get the impression that sometimes situations in a match go to his head and he loses his usual calmness.

On more than one occaision I can remember, I have seen him take a small knock, and then signal to the bench to be replaced, only for JM to tell him to keep playing. I think that is a sign of mental weakness. You would never see someone like JT doing that.

Obviously he was a much better player in his first season when he was a nailed on starter. But that goes for every player in the world. I doubt we would rate JT as highly if he was dropped every second week for no apparent reason, and was shifted around into midfield and right-back etc.

Anyway, my opinion of Ferreira is that he should currently be starting every match, but if in the future we go in for someone like Richards (or an improved Glen Johnson) I would not be surprised or dissappointed.

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I might agree with you about Paulo Loz if he would stop thinking he's playing at Twickenham and kicking the ball 300 ft in the air. All right if it goes over the stand but straight up is not good.

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Well, he isn't as good as Chappie, but I think he is up there. I thik he can be clumsy at times, but no where near the extent of Percy, and he's in the team week in week out. I also think his confidence has to be shot to bits, so give him a run in the team, and he will do well. His crossing can be a bit gronks in style, but I think he reads the game better than Njeitap.

I have always been a fan of Paulo, so to me, he is a Chappie-ish type of player


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I think my only major misigiving re Paulo is that he obviously spends too much time on his hair.

As I write, I'm listening to a Style Council retrospective and can't help feeling that PF would have fitted in very well on bass, what with his thick boyish brunette floppy fringe and his probable love of cafe expresso....

I look forward to next Xmas' Armani ads, in which Sheva and Paulo run in a slow motion grainy black and white fashion across the 'dunes' of Cobham, tripping and falling in laughter and tears, all to the tune of 'You're the best Thing'.

God, I should be in advertising. Oh, hang on...

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Definitely not as good as Chappie Ferrer, although I thought he would be when he arrived and looked dependable in just about every game. Still, I believe he is the best right back we have in our squad right now, as far as defending goes.

I think he's lost quite a bit of confidence. He's not a CB either, so please don't rate him on his recent performances there. He obviously is not comfortable in the middle of defense.



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He's not a CB either, so please don't rate him on his recent performances there. He obviously is not comfortable in the middle of defense.

Same could be said of Shevchenko - he's been getting dog's abuse on this site (sometimes by the very people who defend Ferreira), yet he's been played out of position virtually ever since he arrived.

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Same could be said of Shevchenko - he's been getting dog's abuse on this site (sometimes by the very people who defend Ferreira), yet he's been played out of position virtually ever since he arrived.

Would that 'out of position' be akin to 'on an English football pitch'?

Just asking....

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As I write, I'm listening to a Style Council retrospective

Good for you Mike. Not Weller's best period but they still managed some good stuff (okay and some stuff that wasn't quite so good!!)

But perhaps from now on Paulo should be known as The Capuccino Kid!

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Maybe Sofa Manager can answer this but didn't he play right midfield in Portugal ??

no i dont think so :

Ferreira is predominantly a right-back, but has also played at left-back and in central defence for Chelsea. He has won 31 international caps for his country.

He started his career in the Portuguese Second Division for GD Estoril Praia. He then moved to Vitoria Setubal at the start of the 2001/2002 season. During these years, he accumulated 27 caps for the Portuguese Under-21 side. Due to his excellent performances in the Portuguese Super Liga, he moved to FC Porto in the summer of 2002, signed by then-coach Jos? Mourinho.

In the following season, he won the League and Cup double domestically but the capture of the UEFA Cup over Celtic in Seville was the highlight of an exceptional season. The next season brought another Portuguese Liga title but more importantly he played every minute of FC Porto's shock UEFA Champions League win.

He was called up to the national team for Portugal's Euro 2004 campaign and started their opening game against Greece, but a series of mistakes in the game saw him dropped for Miguel for the rest of the tournament. He did, however, come on in Portugal's defeat in the final following an injury to Miguel.

After playing for FC Porto for two years he joined Chelsea for ?13,200,000 at the beginning of the 2004-2005 season. At Stamford Bridge, Ferreira was reunited with his former manager Jos? Mourinho and former teammate Ricardo Carvalho, both of whom were also signed by Chelsea in the offseason.

Ferreira's first goal for Chelsea came almost two years after he joined the club, in a 3-1 victory over Colchester United in the fourth round of the FA Cup in March 2006. As of December 2006 it is still his only goal for Chelsea.

Paulo made two appearances for Portugal in the 2006 World Cup. In the semi-final against France, which Portugal lost 0-1, Paulo came on in the second half for the injured Miguel. Paulo then started the third place playoff against the host country Germany, which the Germans won 3-1.

imo PF is a confidence player with no confidence.

youll see that ever since he won the CL he has been pretty bad, losing many high profile games and being dropped, a trend which unfortunately has carried on here..

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Im a huge fan of Paulo Ferreria.

I have said it before and i will say it again now, i wouldnt swap a confident on form Paulo for any other RB in world football.

He has never recovered from being the fall guy in last seasons 'Gallas and Carvalho have to play syndrome' which was so unfair, primarally as he had done nothing wrong in the first place.

In his first season Paulo was solid as a rock and played a huge part in why our defence broke as many records as it did.

I am also going to say i think right now he is doing a sterling job for the club as a makeshift CB

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