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Lone Star Lures Stars While Loaned Stars Shine

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Happy with the transfer window shenanigans? We should be, but I’m guessing that quite a few of you out there are wondering why a Schurrle or Cavani didn’t clamber through at the last minute, thereby making our lives complete and Danny and Fernando’s more complicated at a key moment in the club‘s development process. A development, incidentally, that encompasses all levels of play and should, if circumstances dictate, enable us to build on the Champions League success of last season.

And let’s not beat about a cash-happy Shepherds Bush for any longer than we have to when getting to the nub of this particular topic - the lone star now emblazoned on Chels fans shirts was directly responsible for our securing the services of Eden Hazard and that signing in itself was the most important one we will ever make in this window or, I venture to suggest, all the others that open during this decade. The rest, as Harold Macmillan once famously said, are mere ’Events, dear boy. Events’ when compared to it and should be viewed as such because, to quote Supermac yet again, ‘we’ve never had it so good’ under Roman rule and should always have due regard to our good fortune.

Anyway, the wind of change (you kinda knew I was going back to the Earl of Stockton for a third quote, didn’t you?) blowing through Stamford Bridge in the last few months must never be described as ill, or even the slightest bit infirmed, bringing with it as it did the likes of Oscar, Marko Marin, Victor Moses, Cezar Azpilcueta, the Gifted One’s brother Thorgen and George Brady, whoever he may be, although I’m already standing back all set to be amazed at his expertise somewhere along what can only be described as a youthful, talent-strewn line. In short, why on earth would we want to add to its length and an alleged £81m net spend in circumstances where we have bases covered at every turn?

Indeed, unless we really do have a Fellaini fetish, Mousa have a Dembele, or take a quick Loic before trying to jemmy Remy (for some unaccountable reason) into our squad, the present personnel seems just about fine to me and it comes as no surprise to learn, from the stats relating to loan moves, how favourably we compare with other clubs in the ’stock in hand’ section of our balance sheet as well. For the uninitiated in these matters, we flooded the marketplace before this window shut firm with twenty - yes TWENTY - potential little diamonds , not that this massive statement of future intent will ever get a mention in Media circles, let alone a Fourth Estate totally obsessed with Mancunian delights.

Talking of which, Citeh saw fit to send only three youngsters out into the real world in this window, whilst United managed to find four of Fergie’s fledglings nesting in a cupboard under the stairs and sent them packing. Only dear old Arsene, way down South and still coming across the odd pallid youth pining to follow in the footsteps of Fabregas, Nasri, Van-the-Man and Song (oh, maybe not) put in a sterling effort by dispatching seven worldwide, including the ever-youthful Nicklas Bentner to the ever-Old Lady in Turin. Nowhere near twenty, of course, but a valiant effort nonetheless.

Not that we should seen in public bragging about our loanees at any great length. Perish the thought, because there are many who feel that the whole process is a waste of time and Roman’s money. But, then again, I do not, nor do I believe we as a club can ever counter the popular misconception that Chelsea only do bad, bad things in football by ignoring the fact that Academies are the way forward. Of the score that left Cobham in search of fame and fortune there may only be a handful (Courtois, De Bruyne, McEachran, Gordon, Chalobah, perhaps Lukaku) who will make the Chelsea first team grade, yet instead of being sneered at by pundits intent on finding failures in our midst or die in the attempt (be our guest) the others should be hailed as successes as well, always provided as they are with a good grounding in the game by a club that will never receive the credit it deserves for doing so.

And whilst all this goes on, those that remain perform in the Youth and Under-21 competitions - the likes of Feruz, Swift, Blackman, Kane, Ake, Piazon and Bamford - the last five named knowing full well that their own good form, combined with a spate of first team injuries, could easily jettison them towards early, queue-jumping recognition. Everywhere you look, should you care to, talent abounds at Chelsea and the set-up at every other Premiership club brooks no comparison with ours.

A desperate need for a further influx of superstars? I think not.

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Marvelous read as usual Dorset old chap, and bang on as usual. Watching our youngsters last night (lets ignore the result) and Bamford had one real chance and scored with a lovely touch. He is a big lad and looks like he could take the physical side of the prem in his stride, where as Feruz is pure pace and enthusiasm. But the one that should really excite is Piazon, he just cruises past players with so much ease, rarely seems to lose the ball under pressure. Oh, and I liked the "Mancunian delights" line.

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