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Apologies in advance if this has already been covered elsewhere. Well, among the rumours of Jose's departure Steve Clark being removed is being heralded as one of the possible reasons for his unhappiness. True or not it made me beg the question...............

Is Steve Clark any use to us? By that I don't mean I agree we should remove him and get someone just for Sheva to play with but what actual use IS Steve to the current team? It's only an impression, but I often find it difficult to feel inspired by him when I see him interviewed. Is it the quiet way that he goes about his job that makes Jose like him around? Does he manage the team training sessions really well? Is he a link between our Portugese manager and our British contingent?

Just what is it that makes Steve Clark so indispensable (sp)? Are assistant managers really there just for the manager rather than the team? Genuine question not meant as a dig at Steve as I respect him very much for the service he's given us as a player and an assistant manager/coach.

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I think Steve Clarke's value to the club is highly underestimated by many.

Mourinho has said before how Clarke's knowledge of The Premiership and it's players is second to none. He knows more about other teams than they do!

I also think that his history within our club; working with youth players, and knowledege of our own squad is excellent.

Mourinho has rubbished the stories linking Steve with leaving, and has even gone as far to say, that he would walk out with him if he was pushed.

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Really just echoing Elliot's post.

Stevie Clarke has the in dep[th knowledge of the English game that Jose has no knowledge of. In terms of planning for games, tactics, player tasks etc Clarke will have a shedload to offer.

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A mate of mine is a youth team coach at Cobham and from what he tells me, you get the impression that Clarke is a lot of the glue that holds the first team squad and the academy together.

He also infers that Clarke is universally respected and liked by the whole coaching staff and players.

And he's my all-time favourite right back.

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