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England 1-1 Ukraine


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Indeed, I'm not going to sleep another wink until this thread is locked, deleted, along with the original poster being banned,

sued, sent to prison for life, and starved of food.

And once he is released from prison has to spend his remaining days living with AVB.

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I can't get over that sad f**k in the crowd with a Shrek doll dressed in a Rooney kit, what a f**king loser.

It s become a total farce, especially that stupid band.They need to fu** right off. Everything that is wrong with modern day football.

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Wow , that was shockingingly poor.

Awful from England , fed up with players getting picked just because they are hard workers , like James Milner and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. What the hell does Milner offer ? he scores against Moldova and now he is guaranteed another 20 games, it's pathetic. He doesn't do anything. Milners highlight of every game is make 1 decent run down the wing then mess up the cross............players like Nathan Dyer for Swansea must be livid. What does my head in is that when Milner runs around like an idiot and does nothing the commentators say "oh he's worked hard as usual , he's had a good game" what ? he's worked hard...................I CAN WORK HARD, does that mean i should be in the England team as well ? you also hear it from the fans "oh we can't drop Milner he's a hard worker" BULLSH*T. I could pick plenty of players to start ahead of Milner . Bertrand , Sturridge , Dyer , Johnson , Sinclair. I don't get why Chamberlain is playing either , not even a Arsenal regular , how does he get picked ? can't pass , can't shoot , just runs a lot. He not good enough yet , simple as that.

What was wrong with Jagielka and Lescott ? were they wearing weights or something ? they could barely move . Also their passing was ridiculously poor, never have i seen premier league players pass that bad. So JT isn't needed for England is he ? well he can pass, move and defend far better then those 2 that's for sure. No wonder why Man City haven't kept a clean sheet all season, they have a CB that moves like a 80 year old. Unreal how anyone that bad can get picked. So is Hodgson saying Cahill would have done a worse job then them is he ? how can Hodgson pick those players ahead of Cahill ?

Fed up with England players afraid to play a pass to a team mate that is yards away from the opponent. Stop being cowards and play the damn pass. This is what i think goes through the mind of most of our England players "oh there's a team mate..........oh there is a Ukrainian player within 10 yards of him............i better not pass to him , it's too risky , better go backwards"................ :face_palm: by the time they make their minds up the Ukrainians have sorted their shape out and are now closing down the England player with the ball............grrr i was going mad throughout the whole match. The players that were doing this the most was , Jagielka , Lescott , Baines , Milner and Chamberlain. Useless all of them. When Bertrand , Sturridge and Welbeck came on they were making intelligent passes and because of that we managed to create chances and get a penalty out of it. It's simple and every year we never learn.

Also what was Hodgson moaning about ? lack of English talent...........what a load of bull. He just isn't doing his job well enough, get your ass moving and look for talent . There are plenty of players that are better then Milner , if he looked hard enough he would find them. I also have no idea what he was talking about when he said he is more confident of qualifying for the World cup after todays game................sigh. How on the back of that performance can he be more confident then he was yesterday ?

So yeah i am angry. It's not so much this performance , it's just that you see this performance from England every other game , it's shocking that we still are not learning after all these years. How many more games is it going to take just to get a team that can move the ball around with ease instead of looking like they have a ball and chain strapped around their ankles ?

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I actually thought they didn't play that badly. Was an enjoyable game to watch and we could have easily won it.

Agree about Milner who I thought was average as usual although part of his problem is having to provide cover for Glen Johnson who is always great going forward but not a great defender. As you say, Lescott and Jagielka was also poor and thet certainly missed JT.

Think criticism of Ox is harsh as he is a very decent young player and he wil always have games where is just doesn't happen for him and last night that was the case and he was rightly subbed. Cleverly did quite well but is clearly no finisher and all three subs made decent contributions when they came on.

Think we look a LOT better than we did under the Italian.

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The problem I see with the Lescott/Jagielka partnership is neither are comfortable on the ball or passers, as seen by the way Lescott gave it away for their goal and Jagielka continually passed to their players. Milner is a nothing player now, I dont even know where he can play. Johnson was our best attacking player, but his useful dreadful self in defence. His positional sense is absolutely woeful at times. Lampard was quiet, but was sitting very deep yet cleverly who plays there for Utd was sent forward, and missed 2 sitters and was generally poor. Why not swap him and Lampard for 20 minutes, let Lamps do his thing in the box beacause I guarantee he would have scored at least one of those 2 chances. As for Gerrard, did little again and then was stupid to get a red, what a dumb challenge to make.

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Think it was the midfield that let you down in the end. When the two CB's had the ball up the pitch they were nowhere to be seen and when they did come deep to get the ball the movement of the other midfielders was non existent. Think everyone apart from Hodgson knew that Cleverly is nothing more than a decent short passer (Right now, he's still learning), he should never be a CAM and should never be anywhere near the box. It's the same thing with Ramsey.

Baines gets forward a lot but does very little, that's another thing that annoys me. Johnson is far more effective, should just let him do an Alves and have Banies sit (If he has to play). When Sturridge and Bertrand came on I thought you looked very good and they linked up well, especially that lovely cross field pass from Sturridge to Bertrand which ripped the defence apart. Wasn't surprised to see Welbeck miss that change Sturridge set up, believe it or not he's missed worse for United.

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Funny how we all see it differently , I was very encouraged by last night, think we looked good and created a lot of chances. Problem to me is no one prolific enough to put them chances away, case in point is Lampard 9 goals in 11 games for England.. so like Chelsea at times relying on Lamps for goals is a little worrying.

Disagree with Milner, don’t think he is spectacular don’t get me wrong but thought he had a fairly decent game last night.

Thought that Lescott was fairly solid too.

Jagielka I thought looked out his depth and gave away a couple of really sloppy passes, also thought Chamberlain had a very poor game make some wander if he would be any good against decent opposition.

The rest were okay, Gerrard and Lamps faded badly towards the end.

thought that going forward Glen Johnson was excellent... needs to look at Ashley though see how you get up and down quickly enough as he is still crap at the back. got murdered by their number 10.

Really lacking up front though is still my overall thought, even with Carroll and Rooney fit to me won’t make much difference to me. there are some good English strikers in the lesser teams that I think should be looked at. However I am happy with the work Roy is doing I think it is a good blend of youth and experience and we were unlucky not to win.

Finally Konoplyanka ! (spelling ?) .. I could see Roman reaching for the cheque book as the game went on.

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Trouble is with the FA and the England team is we are living off the 1966 World Cup....the old guard should have gone after the last WC and young players brought in despite the results that may have occured between then and now to prepare them for Brazil after all a majority of the games friendlies....England will always be at last 16 or at best a Quarter Final team unless they get a decent manager with fresh ideas and let the youngsters play.

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