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Police to Reform ?

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http://music.guardian.co.uk/news/story/ ... 18,00.html

Police back on the beat

Paul MacInnes

Tuesday January 16, 2007

Guardian Unlimited

After 21 years apart during which time they tried to save the rainforest, flog Jaguars, make their carnal activities last for days at a time and, in the case of Stewart Copeland, became a judge on the BBC's celebrity duet show Just the Two of Us, the Police are set to reform.

After months of rumours that the seminal 80's rock band were to make a comeback, perhaps even including an appearance at this year's Glastonbury, the speculation appears to have been confirmed by singer Sting.

Last week he finished a performance in California by dedicating a lute only version of Message in a Bottle to his former bandmates Copeland and Andy Summers. Then after performing the works of Elizabethan lute master John Dowland for US TV last weekend he was asked about the rumours.

"We started 30 years ago, so it would be nice to do something to celebrate. We don't quite know what, but we're talking about it", he said from his Italian home. "I'm deeply, deeply fond of both of them. I'm very proud of the band that we were in."

It is now predicted that the band will reform in time to perform a summer stadium tour.

The Police had their first hit in 1977 with Roxanne and became one of the world's biggest bands in the early 80s. They had five UK number ones and were the most popular white reggae act after UB40.

Bet Loz and Bluebeard have big smiles !

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I do have a smile but it is a smile with a degree of trepidation!

Sting was always a vane bugger at the best of times when he was in the Police hwoever since going solo he appears to have gradually morphed into a human being where you are never sure where the head ends and the ar*e begins!!

Just praying his ego has not inflated so much that it gets in the way!

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me too Val, and to eb honest it is more appealing that the thought of sting parading around, re-hashing classics, probably with someone from africa or the amazon up on stage with him!

Anyway, I doubt it will happen, sting is too egomeniacal, and too into his solo projects (wasn't his last cd about 18th century poems?) to re strap his bass and belt out "walking on the moon"


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I never took the Police seriously. A two dimensional pop band nodding towards reggae in a manner that made the Clash and early UB40 look like bona fide Kingston outfits.

Reading John Peel's biography, he had no time for them either and refused to play any of their stuff on his shows once he'd seen them live.

Having said that, 'I Can't Stand Losing You' and 'So Lonely' are crackers...

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