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Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

Torres: stay or go?  

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  1. 1. Torres: stay or go?

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It is sad to see Torres struggling with his confidence. He tries so hard. Moving from a bitter rival with his pricetag did it. I'm confident if he moved back to Spain to Atletico for example with little fuss he'd get 20-25 for them.

I don't hate Torres and as long as he wears the blue I support him BUT he doesn't fit the surroundings and never will. Find him a way out, please Chelsea. If we want to win anything we need Ba and a guy with lot less baggage.

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It's so painful watching him again and again he is so short on confidence it is unreal. It's never coming back at Chelsea all the options have been exhausted for him. But I wish it could of been different he was another class when he played against us just cant do it for us.

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 I dont agree that the " main  " cause is a  lack of strikers. i believe the main cause is a mixture of the following (mostly in equal measure)


1)complacency against "smaller" teams

2) pedestrian build up play

3) playing square pegs in round holes - ala Lampard and Ramires as our main CM pairing

4) lack of midfield depth - In hindsight we should not have let essien / mary ellis / KDB go

5) defensive mistakes - generally poor defending

6) Torres being generally poor  - alongwith a lack of options

7) managerial upheaval

8) trying to re-invent the way we play, our style of play and integrating several new players in a very short space of time. At times this has made us look like the team has no identity, and we look short of creative ideas when trying to break teams down.

9) All of the above contributing to players in poor form. Cahill/Ivan/Luiz/ Rambo/Hazard/ Oscar / Moses /torres have all gone through periods of unreliabilty and poor form. Only Mata and lamps (since his return form injury) have shown any sort of consistancy.

10) To many games / too small squad. 

i agree that these are all major problems at the club. however with our very poor striking quality it was always going to be impossible to compete on any front. take the league we are 16 points behind man u, yet i feel its fair to say our keeper is better, defences are even and we have a stronger midfield in general. sorry to keep using man u as comparison but if you took individually one of these problems and gave it to man u which one would effect their league position most. i would suggest that with torres as their main striker they would at least 15 points worse off and seriously struggling with top 4.

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The board has made some shocking calls this season but their persistence with Torres has to cap it all.

It's now blatantly obvious he doesn't want to be here anymore, send him back to Altheltico Madrid where he can learn to love his game once again. I really hate seeing performers whether they're sportsmen or comedians crash and burn, enough is enough... Torres needs to go home.

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He needs to go and I think he will want to go.

We need a top class striker to come in as Ba can't do it alone, we will need to be very astute in the summer regarding our strikers.

Maybe Lukaku will be that guy and I'll be more than happy if he is given the chance to jostle with Ba for a starting place.


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