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Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

Torres: stay or go?  

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Good reply Just. Glad you clarified your view. Never doubted your sanity but the blatant cursing and name calling doesn't really help conversation.

For the Steua game alone Nando's revival at second half was enough to see us through and still fight for that title. Not for the season. None of us never tried to say that. Torres not being who he 'should' be is the biggest reason we are not fighting for the title.

Torres also showed lot of balls taking the penalty. He tried to take responsibility but sadly failed. If he shows the fight he had latter stages of the game we can make something of the season. I don't see it but we'd need that.

Torres wasn't MOTM solely because Mata made one and assisted two but he was right after Mata because he did what we need him to do; score. Hazard was brilliant for the eye and contributed but I'd still rate Nando above him let it be for heartening performance or for the positive signals. I know you don't like the reasoning or the lack of it but I really don't care.

I have a feeling the conversation continues right after todays game and i hope for the positive. A brace please Fernando.

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I wish I had the time/energy/patience to look back though the threads from three or four years ago.  I do remember a time when there was a lot of moaning about Drogba's diving. Posters snarling "Get up, you w**ker!" and things to that effect.


Memories are short!


I'm not sure that I see the booing of one of our players for diving as necessarily a bad thing. As long as we're only booing the diving rather than the player generally. Sends a message that it's not something we want to see from our players. I think it had a part to play in Drogba's decision to stop falling over all the time and show us how good he really is.



One of the only situations in which I think it may be ok to boo one of our own.

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From there on, especially after he got kicked in the face, he had his angry head on and ran around like his arse was on fire and played well. 


Not that any of us would condone any further kicking in our remaining games of course....but do you think there may be some merit in well timed face-slaps from some of our seniors during games in order to liven him up a bit? Just a thought.

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You can easily see why our perception of Torres is completely twisted reading these "he was only good for 15mins so that doesn't mean he was any good" comments. IF YOU SCORE YOU ONLY NEED TO BE GOOD FOR 10 SECONDS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Drogba used to wonder around for 88 mins and then score the winner. We didn't give him a bad review if he ended up winning the game.

Torres scored a good winner and the had the balls to take the penalty and still it wasn't enough for some people.

He's never going to be who we want him to be and part of is because we expect too much of him. Me too. Not blaming anyone here. The pricetag did it.

It is true to say that a successful striker can get by just being good for a few minutes in a game, such is the nature of the position. Jimmy Greaves is the epitome of this theory, he would do very little for 80 minutes and then tear the defence apart and win the game with 2 or 3 goals.

This does NOT excuse Torres's poor form. To get away with this "few minutes" idea, you need to have those minutes in every game, not every month or two.

The difference is:

Torres Apps 116 Goals 28

Greaves Apps 169 Goals 132

It's actually quite embarrassing writing those two players stats next to each other, it speaks volumes

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I can't get past the author's picture. Wh..what is on his head? Is it a...Jewfrohawk? And why is it lopsided? Did he cut it himself? Is it not a haircut, but rather a deceased animal? I'm lost.

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Don't think he played badly tbf. Good finish for the chalked off goal, went on a mazey little run that Moses couldnt do anything with.


But i'm sorry he cannot do anything with a hoofed long ball, yet Cech, Ivanovich and Terry continued to ping them at him all game!!!!

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