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Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

Torres: stay or go?  

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Ba had a great debut then Benitez started rotating him religiously with Torres who had shown no improvement.  If Ba had been played consistently as merit suggested I think he'd have been a success for us.  The poor sod was literally rotated out of form for the sake of playing Torres.  He never got a fair chance here, like Sturridge - but Mourinho doesn't really have the luxury of undoing the damage Benitez did without compounding our scoring problem further.  

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Our record signing, Premier league record signing and has flopped totally. People will remember him more being being the worlds most expensive flop than how good he was at Liverpool.

No most certainly not! We will remember him as a flop but the world will remember him as a great striker for his time with Liverpool, Atletico and Spain. Do you think Kaka will be remembered for his time with Madrid or Sheva for his time with us?

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Thats your opinion. I think Torres is finished as a top footballer, thus him hanging on for dear life with us because he knows no one in their right minds will give him a decent contract ever again and no top team will touch him. Ba on the other hand will leave and go to a decent team and score goals again.

Those saying he is crap are being harsh imo. He is doing the same that Sturridge did last season. He is getting very little game time so when he does get 10 minutes he tries too hard and makes mistakes because of it. Given a chance i think Ba could have been a good striker for us but with Torres at the club no striker will ever get the chance unless we sign someone like Cavani or Falcao who are bigger names in football right now.

Roman brought in Torres. Roman was chasing him since he was in Madrid. We finally got him when he was past his prime. He was burnt out already but Roman being Roman doesnt like to admit that he is wrong so the club have done everything possible to get Torres playing well. We have changed the way we play, brought in loads of number 10's to try and support him, changed managers, brought in Rafa and finally brought in the Special one and even he knows he cant get Torres back to the level we need.

This is the reason why i think Ba is a better striker than Torres. Not because of the Torres of past but right now if both players left Ba would out score Torres any day of the week.

One more point. Torres' attitude sucks! He doesnt care about Chelsea. Against City he didnt give a sh*t. He just shrugged his shoulders and cruised around. Now im not saying Ba does care but when Eto'o plays you can see he does care, maybe not about Chelsea but about winning. Torres imo is just seeing out his contract, picking up what ever cups we win along the way and claiming he has a major part in it. No Nando you are just a player that the rest of the team are carrying.

If Torres goes to Everton or Liverpool, Im sure he will start scoring at a decent rate again. Ba on the other hand will only graduate to the likes of West Ham (maybe arsenal but he wont work there). Such a limited striker.

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Ba was always a "panick/give it a try" buy, but for the price,wages and the lack of chance he had I don't see how he can be a bigger flop than Floppes we're his last big club and I'm sure he knows it, Mouh already knew that our strikers were not game changers that could score +20 goals but... it's soon over,soon we will have the ST we deserve,someone that we can chant his name

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If Torres goes to Everton or Liverpool, Im sure he will start scoring at a decent rate again. Ba on the other hand will only graduate to the likes of West Ham (maybe arsenal but he wont work there). Such a limited striker.

Oh my god. Imagine the Liverpool fans if we sold Torres to Everton. :laugh2:


That and the Evertonians despise him. Being from Liverpool I hear them all the time, and I work at the ground. Even in our shirt, the Everton fans sing 'Red and white s**te' to him. To them, he will always be tainted with Liverpool.


It would be unfair to write Ba off, in my opinion. He's played about ten games for us since he's been here. Not really been given a chance. Hardly got picked over Torres when he came in January even despite Torres having played every game for us in the five months previous, and now Eto'o is here, he gets even LESS time on the pitch. I happen to think Ba can be a very capable striker. Whether he's good enough for us remains to be seen.

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Strike rates in EPL


Eto'o 229 min

Torres 352 min

Ba 761 min





Ba is on 317 minutes per goal in the EPL

Torres on 259 minutes per goal in the EPL

Eto'o on 183 minutes per goal in the EPL


Not sure where you got those stats from

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How many of these has Drogba had while playing for us?

Would you have posted those?

Do the Dippers post such when Gerrard does the same?

Chelsea supporters these days, man...



The embarrassing part was - rolling around and moaning was his major contribution after coming on.

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