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Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread


Torres: stay or go?  

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  1. 1. Torres: stay or go?

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Here is a comment for you Just.


Fernando Torres should never start another game for Chelsea again.


At least not if the club want to compete with 11x11 players anyway.


It was a pitiful effort yesterday, perhaps even his lowest yet. Certainly the worst ive seen him when actually at the game where you tend to notice his 'runs' and effort just that little bit more. Every aspect of his game was utterly sub-standard, that is of course when he actually got involved. You cant win football matches when you have no centre forward, let alone League titles.


It needs to be put to bed at the end of the season. The club needs to accept the disaster once and for all and take the hit and swallow the losses. He needs to be removed from the playing staff and if that means he is sent on loan to Spain until the end of his contract with Chelsea paying 90% of his wages then so be it. It would still be far less damaging than having him at the club as an active squad member.


Just overwhelmingly sick and tired of it now,and utterly sick and tired of seeing Chelsea attempt to compete in football matches with a man down -  its like a bad joke that has long since outlived its punchline and it cant be allowed to continue any longer.

Word for word and with out doubt the exact explanation that fits the situation. Someone somewhere who holds the power, needs to admit its never going to get any better. I wont bore anyone with my own version or blow by blow account of his performance yesterday.

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He has a serious lack of urgency to get on the end of things which makes me more angry than any of his other traits. He strolls around in the box and he waits for the ball to come to him instead of attacking it.


I had faith the first season or 2 when he was here but now he needs to go. Eto'o needs to start every game until the end of the season if we want to maximize our chances of winning the league. I really don't see how he started against Villa when Ba and Eto'o had a decent game against Spurs. Mourinho must see something in him in which we don't, Ba is a better option than Torres because you know he will have urgency in his game and fight. Fernando only seems to have that when he feels like.

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Same way I'd explain this:







................... or any other rare, unexpected occurence


I'm not trying to dispute the fact that it's rare and unexpected. All I'm saying is it can't be "losing a yard and a half of pace" if he can still perform like that on occasion. I think it's a mental problem. It's got nothing to with pace, because he clearly is as quick as "the Torres of old" when he really wants to be, as shown in the video.

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Because theyd get decent back up striker on the cheap


Wed probably have to pay a percentage of his wages for a year though


Are we actually going to let him go on the cheap though? I'm sure we would still want £15-20m for him.


Any who would he be back up to, Villa? Does he have to legs to lead the line for them for a whole season?


I just don't think Torres is an attractive signing for them and I can't see why they would be interested. 

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