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Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread


Torres: stay or go?  

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  1. 1. Torres: stay or go?

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Wonder what will happen to this thread when he does finally leave?

Can't wait for that day lol


I think of it as a stress test on the forum's code, that way it at least has scientific use.  We must be reaching critical mass soon!  What then?  Nobody knows.

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The entire squad has been average pre season with the exception of costa and fabregas. Utterly baffled with the insistence on playing torres, especially with the season one week away and jose choosing to play him on the f**king wing?!

Beginning to wonder if he has a clause in his contract which guarantees him appearances.

Fernando Torres has been the biggest transfer disaster in the history of football. A contract that guarantees him game time would top off this massive cluster f*ck.

He needs to take his pay cut and leave for his own good. What is he going to do after another 2 disastrous seasons at chelsea. He'll prob have to retire. If he leaves now at least he has a chance of another 5-6 yrs football somewhere else.

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Call me crazy but I reckon his use of the word cancer is being taken the wrong way. He is just likening Torres to a drain on resouces.

I might be inclined to agree if it wasn't for his comments in the Friendlies thread. Tell you what, have a read of this, then give me one good reason why I should take anything this bloke writes seriously:


Epikur wrote:

People need to accept that he is just not that good. Coutinho blindfolded would be a better player than Oscar.


I'm really starting to doubt Jose as a manager. Our side is riddled with superstars but he can't get the best out of any of them. If Hazard played for Arsenal or Liverpool last season, he would've kicked 25+ goals. Our style of play is so boring and hesitant at the moment, we will get eaten alive by any decent opposition.


Again this season we will have to put up with another underwhelming strike force. I swear Torres has incriminating photos of Mourinho and that's why he continually gets a game. He wouldn't get a game at Burnley, who mind you at this stage will probably knock us off in one of the biggest snorefests of the season. Strap yourself in though, it's going to be full of them!


There are opinions and there are opinions, And then there's bullsh*t, what you have here is a prime example of pure, unadulterated bullsh*t.

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Simply out of curiosity -


If Fernando Torres woke up tomorrow and was his early-Liverpool self, would you play him over Diego Costa?


Out of curiosity, if Kaley Cuoco and Jennifer Lawrence asked you for a threesome, would you oblige them?

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