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Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread


Torres: stay or go?  

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  1. 1. Torres: stay or go?

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Rob Beasley just posted on twitter that the "bad news" is torres going for 4m which apparently constitutes a 46m loss

The guy is a f**king idiot

Someone said on another thread how reliable he is.. He has absolute sh*te for brains and makes things up for fun


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If we don't sign another back-up striker, Mourinho has no right to say we don't have strikers who can score goals. Because he's the only one who is not buying another back up striker and has sold Lukaku and even Ba who are much better than Torres and even 36 year old Drogba. Simply no excuses.


And Costa is also out for the worse.

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Oh yes please do Lewy, there are no situations where swearing adds to a conversation, debate or written word, & as you are not a very good judge of this. (as yesterday confirm)

just seen this, f**k you! (just kidding)

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I think i'll laugh/cry hysterically if he goes to Milan, then scores a goal that knocks us out of the CL next year.

you think milan will qualigy for CL? with their already poor squad, and now torres to replace balo

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LMAO! Something to smile about for once, about FT!



Thank you for getting that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.


I was literally just singing it in my head on the way to farmfoods.

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He`ll get a lot more than 5 goals in the Italian league, its that bad.



Then by that logic why are we reportedly interested in a bloke that scored 13 goals in the Italian league?


I'm one of those that think Torres's head is completely gone. To me he almost doesn't want to get in the position to score through fear of missing. All the basic skills still seem to be there for him so I don't know what went so wrong. Just 3 years ago many considered him to be the best striker in the world (I was not in that club) His fall from grace has been dramatic to say the least but still, every now and then you see the burst of pace, you see the little trick that in a red shirt used to be followed by a shot. Now he just keeps trying those tricks until some one makes the chllange

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