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Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread


Torres: stay or go?  

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  1. 1. Torres: stay or go?

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Its pretty bad that the owner is telling the manager to play him. The manager probably knows that Torres is a dead donkey and actually holds back the team but is now being told to play him.

Sounds like when Robbie was in charge of us.

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Thing is Milans other forwards are not any better.

Milan are mugs for taking a player at that wage and not playing him, no wonder they are in serious debt.

They also set themselves up for it by saying he was great in training and breaking medical records (That was the manager, so it's not exactly the owner forcing them....)

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I wouldnt feel too sorry for someone who gets paid more a week for than you do in a couple of years.

Im sure Torres copes just fine. If he has a bad day im sure he logs on to his online banking and checks out how much money he has in his bank account and that would cheer anyone up!

He probably earns more in a week than I would in 20 years, actually. I only make 14k a year.

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He isnt the big name in football that he use to be. In two years time he wont be the big name signing that everyone will want on the back on their shirts. I would think most people will be thinking "why on earth have we signed him?!"

He will still get shirt sales cos he has a worldwide legion of teenage girls (and boys) who fancy him.

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He's a shirt seller, he'd be an icon in the US.

Money I suspect won't be a problem if he decides to chuck it though, he's a multi millionare now.


Bear in mind as well that there is a massive Hispanic contingent that follow the MLS. Whichever franchise landed Torres would sell sh*tloads of shirts.

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I still wonder how we managed to dump Torres on them. That was a miracle I never believed would happen untill I saw the official confirmation.

Whoever is responsible for this deal has my eternal gratitude!


Dumping Torres to Milan, for me, capped off what had already been a remarkably successful summer transfer window. So glad to be shot of him, he really doesn't offer anything at all any more.

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