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Refs out to stop cheats

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Players, managers and referees are to discuss a radical new idea to speed up matches by allowing physiotherapists on to the field to treat injuries without play being stopped. Already deployed successfully in rugby union and league, the rule would address some of the time-wasting and gamesmanship currently scarring football.

Article here

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.j ... nwin17.xml

Although i agree with the reason behind this,i really cant see allowing physios on the pitch without stopping play working.

Hackett's technical committee has proved a good launch-pad for some of the game's improvements. The better behaviour of Didier DROGBA and Cristiano RONALDO has partly been credited to the technical committee, which voiced officials' concerns about the players'.

icon_eek.gif What ronaldo dive never icon_wink.gif

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Just like how they retrospectively gave Essien a two match suspension for the admittedly shocking tackle. They should give an appropriate retrospective penalty to any club and or players who break a pre-agreed 'Sportsmanship Contract' or something.

So next time someone dives or over simulates and the referee does not notice and the opposition makes a complaint then it should be reviewed on video by an independant body to gauge if it broke the "sportsmanship contract".

Getting suspended for cheating would soon become too costly for most players to make it a regular part of their game.

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I'd love to see them bring this ruling in - a great innovation that would lead to even greater innovations by the coaches, like making sure TWO players are injured at any one time, or going down right in front of the goal, calling for a doctor, paramedics and a stretcher - having 7 people on the pitch would force the ref to stop play!

The difference between rugby and football is that there is only one goal in football - in rugby the whole width of the pitch is available for a score, which is why it'd never work.

I'd prefer people to be shamed into getting up - anyone deemed to have feigned an injury (that means no bones protuding through flesh, or at least half a pint of blood spilt) should have to wear frilly pink knickers over his shorts for the remainder of the game! Mind you I think Ronaldo would quite like that! icon_wink.gif

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