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What have we learned?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Concerning the Chelsea VS Manchester United game yesterday we may have lost BUT I believe we found out a lot about our new team. A team without our Terry/Lampard/Drogba spine.

1) MATA is our new big game player. You could see him getting the crowd up and the players around him riled up. Scored a magnificent free kick to top it all off.

2) This team has spirit. Oscar/Hazard aren't just skillful players. They have determination that was vital to us yesterday.

3) I didn't expect us to win the PL this year, but based on last night, we have the ability to do so. We outplayed United for a large amount of the game and it was probably the first time United have come to the Bridge to counter attack us. They were scared of us, and if it wasn't for the Torres sending off and the offside goal, we WOULD have won the game. I'm positive of that.

4) Our defence is a little shaky and I'm sure Robbie is going to be addressing that problem. We are weak on the wings. With Hazard and Mata cutting inside we leave a mass load of space on the wings to exploit. Cole/Ivan wouldn't have a chance if we are broken at pace.

5) United have a super sub in Mark Clatterburg while Webb is away.

Personally, I'm proud of the team. I'm still angry but after the first 25 minutes, we played like Champions and even if we don't win the PL this season, we will put a damn good account of ourselves.

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Apart from the first 20-25.

a) I've learnt how gutsy, heroic & how much character and spirit our players can show - mark of Champions.

b) We can destroy most if not all teams (judging by last night & after going down vs. Spurs) when we're in our stride, and in our best. They had nothing at 2-2, nothing - they couldn't get it out, it was just pure dominance.

c) Although our 3 magician's are super players & men, like most attacking players in 4-2-3-1, aren't great going back & must do better covering the Fullback's when we play better sides who are inevitably going to player wingers against us.

d) Nothing goes our way.

e) We have a squad full of heroes, and I am incredibly excited about our future, am getting jumpy writing this.

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1) we have no luck

2) we're able to dominate against the 'best' team in the country

3) with a decisive striker, we could be unstoppable

4)Oscar is a great player but he needs to build up his confidence/courage, saw at least a couple of times where he hesitated too much before trying a shot or stop rather than take on a player

5) We seem to let in too many goals for the number of attempts made against us. Would be easy to say Luiz is a liability and contributing to this but I think it's more down to our faster play style now exposing us more and forcing too much upon Luiz.

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We've learned that we are currently the best team in the EPL.

Mata is now our most important player and the best player in the league.

We play the most exciting brand of football in the league, as well as the best. I previously thought the comparison to Barca was a massive exaggeration, and it is, but not as much as I thought.

We need Ramires and Mikel to communicate better in covering for defenders. They did well after the first 20 minutes last night but if they started quicker we would have won comfortably. Its not an easy role but I expect them to improve as the season develops.

Ramires is a G.

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Despite my indignation at the loss, the key thing I've learned...this team, is excellent. Not solid in defence all the time, but we have the fire power to win most games...and we may yet get another striker.

In games where we are not destroyed by referees, we have everything we need to win. We are still top, and we have a team capable of staying there.

It's a blue revolution.

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That referee's still fall for Fergies mind games.

The new guys have the quality, belief and determination to succeed as the old guard.

We need someone to challenge Torres, Man City have Tevez, Aguero, Balotelli and Dzeko

United have Van Persie, Rooney, Hernandez and Wellbeck


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1. We need a striker.

2. We are the real deal for the title with a top striker.

3. Luiz is going to make some of us go bald.

4. Oscar is going to be superstar.

5. Mata is a destroyer.

6. Haz is far from the finished product. Should have headed at goal from Mata's cross instead of using his right foot (which I have no idea what he was trying to do there).

7. Chicharito is an annoying little knob gobbler.

8. I love Chelsea FC.

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Im happy with the team...They will not (3rd time ive said this) lose more than 3 prem matches this season...So to the question..WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED...All ive learned is MAN UTD have the mental nouse to tear teams up by their antics..Ive learned to BELIEVE that refs DO get scared of Fergies power...Our team were winners sunday, and with a full team woulda won 4 2...Teams ok...We have to learn to play a mental game AS WELL as a good footy game

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We may have lost a vital match, but boy did we not post a notice that we will not lose our determination, our willingness to fight as a team against all set backs, be they through our own mistakes or incompetence of others, on yesterdays performance we have shown to the world, that we are a team that will fight to the bitter end, and be there at the finish, we will overcome all obstacles.

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Obviously this is a totally different team then what we were last year. We have several different playmakers, we have players that suit Mata's style of play now, we retain possession much better and we are a threat down the flanks.

All this has resulted in positive results achieved in an exciting manner.

That being said, we are achieving these results despite poor performances in key areas by players we expect a lot from.

Namely, Torres, Ash, Terry, Cahill and Ivanovic.

Torres simply is not getting it done. Forget about goals, at this point he is just having trouble controlling the passes that come to his feet from the midfield and re-distributing. With the efficiency and talent of our other attackers he doesn't even need to do much. At this point Torres is holding our team back with his lack of confidence and execution. A player like Piazon who is hungry and probably a great fit with this bunch would do much better and maybe even Sturridge. I really believe anyone would be an upgrade to Torres right now, as much as I want the guy to succeed, he is holding back our scoring potential.

On defense, I see a lot of criticism aimed at Luiz but Cahill to me is making very critical mistakes at the back that go unnoticed. He really has trouble with his positioning on crosses as he often does not locate the main threat in the penalty area and it results in goals.

Yesterday Cahill should have been tight to RVP on at least the second goal, not sure about the first, but since the cross was coming from the defensive left side, it usually means the LCB is pulled out of the middle to get to the near post threat. That means Cahill should have been blocking RVP on both his goals (hit post but still caused the goal).

Cole however was being abused by Valencia and inexcusably so on the second goal where he just let Valencia walk in behind him to double up on the ball when it wasn't necessary. Several other crosses came from that side throughout the game and that has been the case all season. Cole needs to pick up his game mentally. Physically he is still strong and tough to beat 1v1.

Ivanovic, I think he is trying a bit to hard to be an attacking full back knowing that Azpilicueta is waiting in the wings. Ivanovic is often caught to far upfield and exposes his central defenders. He needs to be who he is first and be more selective going forward.

Terry I think is just getting slower. It showed against Shakhtar. They were way to quick for him.

Luiz, I have to say that although I love the guy he has a work ethic problem. I saw him on several occasions jogging back on defense when his goal is under threat. One in particular yesterday where a cross was about to be played into the box and Ashley Young was waiting near the top of the box for it. Luiz wasn't interested in putting any effort to get back and help out which to me is a very telling sign. This is Chelsea v Man U, if he can't get up for a game like that, not sure he has what it takes to be a Chelsea player. He also needs to stop giving the ball away with his long passes. Just give it to Oscar please.

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I think the last two league games are a good indication of how things are going to be from now on. In both of those games we played some very decent football but there were also periods in each of those games where we were outplayed and looking likely to concede.

I think we are heading in the direction that Roman has long been wanting. That sort of football is what many of us fans have also been hoping for but it does come at a price. With the personnel we now have and the way we are playing, I don’t think there will be too many clean sheets, especially when we are playing top sides. It’s almost as if we are going with the Keegan philosophy of “if they score 2 we will score 3â€.

Love the trio of Mata, Oscar and Hazard and when they link up going forward, they are a joy to watch. All three also at times can dig in and do their bit but we also have to accept that there are going to be times where they don’t. There have been a number of occasions in the last few games where they just don’t track back or they get out-muscled and when that happens we need our defence and Mikel and Ramires to really step up and frankly they are struggling to do so.

But I’m more than happy with the way things are going despite two defeats on the bounce. To lose as narrowly as we did against Utd with only 9 men for the last 25 minutes or whatever is commendable. Has the makings of a very exciting season so let’s enjoy the ride and we’ll just have to allow for the odd set-back.

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We need another striker. Torres disappears in a lot of games, and although he may be getting better if we had a world class striker up front we'd be unbeatable

Well we have not, so get over it and start supporting what we have got.
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That this team is going places and has the balls and heart to beat anyone.

Like many here, my anger yesterday was mixed with pride at the way our players stood up to be counted. There was something beautiful about David Luiz still slashing forward with 5 minutes left with no Hazard/Oscar/Mata ahead of him.

If Robbie can harness that vigor, the mentality that its us against the world, we wont just win silverware this year. We will be a force for years to come.

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i think the defense is fine. what concerns me is the roles ramires and mikel play. ramires is doing everything from tackling and trying to link up play. he is sprinting and running to try and cover everything. in fact i expect to be shot down here because i do not see mikel doing anything in any hurry. just a ball watcher when the ball is passed by him! it will be interesting in january!

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i think the defense is fine. what concerns me is the roles ramires and mikel play. ramires is doing everything from tackling and trying to link up play. he is sprinting and running to try and cover everything. in fact i expect to be shot down here because i do not see mikel doing anything in any hurry. just a ball watcher when the ball is passed by him! it will be interesting in january!


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1. Man U could only beat us by seeing us down to 9 men and scoring an offside goal. Until that dodgy goal we were on our way to winning that match.

2. No, we didn't really miss Lampard, as much as I too hate to say it.

3. Yes, Luiz will make some of us go bald.

4. We have the most exciting, committed, talented players in the EPL - Oscar is something else, Hazard, well, you ain't see nothing yet and Mata will be thought of with huge affection and respect years even after he retires.

5. We miss Drogs.

6. Robbie is surely the most dignified, calm manager in the Prem.

7. Despite having had such an appalling day on Sunday you lot have come up trumps with critical thinking where it's needed, honesty about our (few) shortcomings and fire and passion by the shovel-load. And so many of you have me in fits of giggles, you guys are great.

8. The determination and grit of the team is matched only by the support of their fans. I'm proud to be a Blue.

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