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Tweets from our Players

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I can't find the previous Twitter thread we had so I'm starting another. We have quite a few first teamers on there - Ash, Mata, Hazard, Luiz, Moses, Bertrand and Oscar - so I thought I'd start a thread to share them. Quite a nice couple from Oscar just now (from bottom to top)

Oscar dos Santos Jr. â€@Oficial10Oscar

I want to win titles and be marked in the history of the Chelsea !!!

Oscar dos Santos Jr. â€@Oficial10Oscar

I worked hard in Brazil to have a chance to play here, I prepared myself for this moment and I'm ready..

Oscar dos Santos Jr. â€@Oficial10Oscar

It is the most important moment of my life !!

Nice to hear positive messages coming from the players. We've also got a fair few youths and reserves on there - if anyone wants to add a tweet from a player then this is the place to do it :wink: of course discussions are also welcomed!!

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On the second of November Ryan tweeted this which I thought was fantastic :biggrin:

Ryan Bertrand â€@ryanbertrand3

We know what we are

Moses last night:

Victor Moses â€@VictorMoses

great 3 points for us last night tough game but we fought till the end. always nice 2 get on the score sheet too :)

And Ash after the win:

Ashley Cole â€@TheRealAC3

Great win lads!!!! Gutted to not be on the pitch with the lads, but i'm so proud that we fought hard for the 3pts #CFC #Buzzing

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Victor Moses â€@VictorMoses

hey all family day today. big thanks to all the amazing chelsea support and from those back home in nigeria too. i really appreciate it


Marko Marin â€@MM_MarkoMarin

Finally I played full 90minutes after a long time. I feel fit and enjoyed scoring a header;)

Pretty sure they're both real but I was taken in hook line and sinker by Oscar!

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Makes you wonder if Luiz account is fake aswell, especially since you say they have been tweeting each other.

I think it's safe to assume luiz's is real. Far too many personal photos shared to be fake. It would be pretty impressive to fake something like:

David Luiz â€@DavidLuiz_4

After a long flight ramiresnascimento and I having a recovery massage with mribeiro99 and #Simon #Cobhantrhttp://instagr.am/p/SDfendDHVJ/

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