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The rest of the season

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Well I'm back after a 2 week break enjoying the arrival of my new son (and future blue I hope) Zane. With all the crazy news about Chelsea the last week or so it really helps to put things in perspective :)

Anyway there has been a lot of speculation about internal battles, spies, conspiracies and, while I think most of it is crap, there is clearly no smoke without fire and if today's performance is anyting to go by we are definitely in a bit of a mess. Yes we are missing most of our defense and of course Joe Cole but with the money that has been spent we should not find ourselves looking the way we do now. With all these injuries in mind it is hard to believe that we didn't take the option of bringing Mancienne back as cover. I realise that players seemed to be coming back from injury but that same confidence that all would be well with a small squad got us into this mess in the first place.

So we have an interesting battle between backroom staff and Jose. If you look at the last 2 seasons we have been pretty disastrous in the transfer market (with the exception of Essien). Not to mention the club has been making noise for some time now about their keenness to bring youth through the system. With that in mind it is perhaps not surprising that they refused to splash more money in the hope that a new signing or 2 would solve our current problems. Based on previous signings that would probably just make our situation worse. So who is to blame? Maybe everybody? We don't know who really makes the signings but I suspect that Jose has some input on most of them. Sheva perhaps is the exception and is really the only one Jose has used as an example of "meddling". I think the truth of the matter is that we have been on a slow decline since we first won the title as new signings have not cut it and have gradually reduced the overall quality of the squad. Last season I don't think we were as good as our first Championship season and this year we have fallen further. It is worth pointing out that most of our injuries have been to players signed during the Ranieri era. I'm sure we would be doing a lot better if some of the more recent signings had been injured instead.

So where do we go from here? I can't see us winning anything this year on current form but that could change if we get back the likes of JT sooner rather than later or if certain players (e.g. Sheva) find some form. Most likely though we may have to accept a disappointing transitional season and we may even have a battle on our hands to finish 2nd or 3rd if Liverpool and Arsenal continue to improve the way they have. If things stay that way it is hard to see Jose staying (whether it is his fault or not). So I think the next few months will be key to his future at the club. I hope he succeeds and proves the doubters wrong. The Premiership needs characters like Jose and so do we. If not though we will just have to get behind the next manager and keep the blue flag flying high. Its at times like this when the club most needs our support so sing up and sing proud. We love you Chelsea!

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All the best with the new addition Forbzy.

As to where we go from here this season my thoughts are that we kick ourselves in the ar*e and start to show a little pride. I think the title is beyond us - not because of today's result but because of the way we are playing and because of the lack of effort by too many players. Even if Utd lose tomorrow and the gap is still six I think we are going to drop more points between now and the end of the season and the finishing gap may be more like 10 or 11.

We need to show a bit of professional pride in the league and make sure we secure the runners up spot and we need to raise our game considerably for the CL.

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Cheers loz. I agree with you about pulling our fingers out. We are still in contention for 4 trophies but we need to play much better if we are to win any. I'm still waiting for us to start playing well this season. We've had a few moments but are still to find any consistent form. Obviously we know why the defense has struggle with all the injuries that we've had there but I really don't think we have got the Ballack/Lampard combination going at all yet. With our midfield we should be dominating games in this area. If we can figure this problem out we may yet end up happy this season ;)

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