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Spanish football 'about to implode'

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Spanish football about to implode

For many people Spanish football is the epitome of how the game should be played. Many experts are citing Barcelona as the greatest team in the history of the game and talking about the Spanish national side in the same breath and with the same reverence as that shown to the Brazilian 1970 World Cup winners. Today there are no fewer than 45 players plying their trade on British pitches, 30 of them in the Premiership. But that doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story. 

The fact is that Spanish football is on the very edge of imploding. There are three reasons for this. Money, money and money. At the moment there are no fewer that 16 La Liga first division clubs that are on the verge of bankrupcy now that the Government wants back the 700 millione euros they owe the tax man! 

Players, managers, coaches and suppliers are not being paid on time. With Spain in the deepest recession it has ever been in, something’s got to give. Until such time as La Liga realise that allowing the clubs to negotiate their own television rights is unacceptable then the inevitable conclusion is that the domestic competition, as we know it, will die. 

Last year Manchester City received £60,602,289 from television when they won the Premiership. Wolves who finished bottom got £39,084,461 a ratio of 1.55 to 1. Of the £640 million in the kitty for La Liga, Barca and Real scooped up 50 % while Valencia who finished third got £40 million and the rest of the league had to battle for what crumbs were left on the table. The ratio there amounted to 14 to 1. Shameful! 

But you know what, the big fishes don't want to help the domestic league survive because they are already planning for a new Champions League competition with 64 teams. Things will change dramatically in the next few years 

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We've been hearing about this for years, but now the cries seem to be growing very loud. Its hard to imagine a league failing, but if many great teams start dropping out it would be a disaster.

Its strange because the La Liga brass seem to have become very conscious about money in the last few years, tv rights in China being one example, and the sale to BEIN sport being another. Yet they dont seem to have been concerned at all about how that money is divided up.

I am sure Sandro Rosell and the altruistic "mes que un clubers" at Barca will be happy to redistribute their share evenly to other clubs.

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Where would Barcelona go moos?


I've heard Italy and France. Not sure how that would work. Will the Barca players live in those countries or in Spain and travel for each game?

Would make more sense if teams from Catalonia would still be a part of La Liga.

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The government out there have got nowhere else to turn to try and get some money back, for years they funded the big two out there, they can't do it any more. With the last change in government though its Barca that will be hardest hit. The only thing that can save them from some serious payment requests is if they generate more money for the economy than the government can claim back from them.

Whenever anything like this happens though you've got to remember that aside from Liverpool, tottenham, and Leeds, most clubs are made up of a fanbase like us. For that reason I'd never want to see a club go out of business. Barca being knocked down a couple of pegs would be good though!

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I dont see Barca moving leagues at all. As much as they crow about being a symbol of Catalonia, they love money and moving leagues would be one way of making less.

I too would love to see Spanish football taken down a peg or two. Its sh*t watching great teams like Valencia, Bilbao, Athletico or Seville fight all season and play some great stuff, but still have no earthly shot at the league title.

If they can revamp the league, financially, then they might be better off in the long term. The premier league is so popular, in part, because of the competitiveness.

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