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Best sports commentators.


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Listening to John Motson commentating on the radio and jeez,is he dull & monotone.


Always prefered Barry Davies to be honest.


Got given Motty's autobiography as a 'present' one christmas years ago, (I really would have prefered pants) & boy, was it a slog.


Mind you,credit where it's due,his book did help me when it came to writing an opinion on here.


It propped up the computer desk when one of the legs broke off.


But, forgetting all that, does anyone else have a favourite commentator?.


Someone who at least can create a bit of a spark?.

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As long as it's not the clowns from Espn Darke and the other fool McManaman, those two talk awful driven. Hate listening to them. They're not commentators as such, but the fellas off soccer SSN like Merson and le tissier are by far the best, good laugh out of them too.


I like Neville, the analysis more than his commentating, but even still it's better than most of the others, doesn't say stupid things or come across to have a bias of teams.

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Going back I used to like Barry Davies and of course David Coleman (both BBC).

ITV used to have all the regional guys and being in London, Brian Moore and his shouting style was always good as opposed to Hugh Johns who covered the Midlands and Gerald Sinstadt the North West.


Jonothan Pearce was great when he used to be on Capital Gold - really over the top but has certainly quietened down with age and TV.


I guess the pick now has to be Martin Tyler, who has been around for ages but is a real professional.

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Does anyone remember Sam Leitch?

Of course, but he wasn't a commentator. He used to present Football Preview at the start of Grandstand, the forerunner of Football Focus. He died young, maybe as a result of eating too many pies.

Sadly, most of my favourite commentators are no longer with us, like 'arry Carpenter, Ron Pickering, Bill McLaren, Jim Laker, Brian Johnston and Brian Moore. Sid Waddell is another. I was a big fan of John Madden, the NFL co-commentator who gave his name to the Madden Football games. He's still with us, I think, but now retired. I enjoy a lot of the US commentators on NFL and baseball. Richie Benaud is as good as anyone on any sport.

Motson was never more than OK in my view, but I preferred him to Barry Davies, who was always too pompous and opinionated (like Alan Green has become).

Of the current bunch, I like Eddie Butler and Brian Moore together for big rugby games - passionate and very knowledgeable. Martin Tyler's pretty good - I love it when he goes mental (Drogbaaaaaaa!!!!!!)

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Alan Green - Not many like this guy but i think as a commentator he is great, he's a massive dick at times though but when he is actually commentating i think he is really good. He knows how to celebrate a goal. There are a few on BBC radio i like, they always have decent commentary in my opinion. Don't like Jonathan Pearce who does match of the day though, he sounds like Craig Charles and that's not a good thing. If you don't know who he is then watch Takeshi's Castle, he does the commentary on there or watch Red Dwarf, he's the guy with the dreadlocks.


I need to say this though, whoever appointed Sam Matterface and Stan Collymore as commentators on TalkSport must be on something because it doesn't get much worse than these 2. Sam Matterface's voice is so high pitched at times it's unbearable and now ITV have hired him :ohmy: , and Stan Collymore :face_palm: please someone throw an apple or something in this guys mouth. He's a big mouthed idiot who thinks as a commentator you need to shout as loud as possible when a single goal goes in, it's just too much.


Another one i need to point out is Mark Lawrenson :indifferent0018: :indifferent0018: :indifferent0018: seriously if you want a reason to switch commentary this guy is the reason, you couldn't get anymore boring then this guy. Also any commentator on ITV can be added to my worst commentators list, they suck so bad. Their choice of words always annoy me. Oh and the fact that they are always up Man Uniteds ass is another reason.

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Of the commentators you mention, I don't mind Jonathan Pearce so much. Not that I've heard him for some time, but I remember years ago he used to do the commentary on our European fixtures. Here's a version of Blue Day featuring Jonathan Pearce:


"for Matthew Harding... "


When it comes to worst commentators, the absolute pits have got to be Ian Darke and Steve McNamaman. The whiny scouse git and the puffy cheeked (all four of them) smug bar steward, both of whom never let little things like facts and truth get in the way of an opportunity to have a go at the club at any level.



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