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Smearing spreading Mirror

Fast Eddie

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From today's smearor - FPMSL:


The blood was barely dry on Rio ­Ferdinand’s face when Matty Cole took to ­Facebook to gloat over the sickening coin attack that left the Manchester United star with a nasty wound.

And Ashley Cole’s brother was joined by mum Sue who seemed to revel in the stricken star’s agony with comments on the same thread.


After seeing Ferdinand hit above the eye by a 2p coin as he celebrated United’s last-ditch winner against bitter rivals Manchester City, Matty posted: “So happy Rio got hit in the face today when he tried to give it kissing his badge!! Straight in the eye!! Made my day.â€

An hour later, Sue appeared to add a comment to the thread saying: “Bloody missed that, ha ha ha.†She added: “Give the fan that threw it a medal!!!â€


Chelsea star Cole, 31, and Rio have history over the John Terry race row with the United player’s brother Anton.

The online conversation, which could have been seen by all of Matty’s 647 Facebook friends, appeared to condone the shocking violence that marred Sunday’s ­otherwise thrilling game.

He also said: “They’ll show it on MoTD sooooo funny lol.â€

Sue, 56, also appeared to comment on Rio’s injury later when he appeared at the ­televised X Factor final in Manchester.

On her son’s Facebook page Sue wrote: “Rio in audience at x factor, wonder if he can see?????â€

Matty, 28, added: “He talks like he sucking an egg!! Rubber lip lol.†When she was approached outside her Essex home last night, Sue denied writing the posts and branded the jibes against Rio “disgustingâ€.

Speaking about the comments posted under her profile, she said: “Who has put that on?

“I don’t know who has done that. It wasn’t me.†Matty was unavailable for comment, despite several attempts to contact him.

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He could have lost an eye so I don't think it's right but he is a prick United should sort out the way they celebrate it was the same at the bridge. I never see them celebrate like that at old Trafford. Scum simply as that.

I couldn't possibly in whatever imaginary way my brain can think of care less. Taunt the beast and he will be angry, it's his fault!

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Thats terrible what happened to Rio...I don't see why everyone dislikes him, I know hes slagged off our players and him and his brother have effectively ruined Terrys season with his ban etc but these boys play for rival clubs and should be expected to say these things to appease their fans.


They don't really mean it, anyone would do it.


I won't hold it against them in case one day they play for us or even come here in a magagerial context.


Forgive and forget, thats what I say.

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Crap! Of course he didn't get what was coming to him!  If we start saying things like that, we open the gates to things being chucked at our players when they celebrate,as they have every right to do.


Whatever you think of Ferdinand (and I think he is a first class twat) it is not on for rival fans to throw things at players, and it is tacky in the extreme for Ashley Cole's brother and mother to post moronic crap like that on Twitter.  They are doing their brother/son no favours.


Love YOUR post, by the way  Chippy!

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"Chelsea star Cole, 31, and Rio have history over the John Terry race row with the United player’s brother Anton"

Thats shocking reporting, doesnt even mention that Ferdinand was found guilty of racial abuse towards Cole.

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You never want to see missiles thrown at players no matter who they are. I don't like seeing the players celebrating wildly in front of opposition fans but in many cases they have taken abuse the whole game so the fans should be able to cope without throwing things at them.

Having said that this is rubbish once again from the press. Where was the outrage when Drogs got coined by Burnley fans, or Kezman by West Ham fans? What has Ashley Cole's Mum/Brother got to do with Chelsea? At no point did Ash join in the conversation. Lets not forget that when inappropriate comments were made about Ashley Cole, Rio was happy to chime in and agree. I'm sure the press will demand an apology from the club and a statement to the extent that Ash has disowned his familt.

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It's not big, it's not clever etc etc but I can honestly say I thought it pretty funny, especially as at first I thought he had poked hismelf in the eye.


He wasn't serioulsy hurt and nor would I want him to be but the United players have this habbit of celebrating  in front of opposition fans, seemingly trying to bait them, Rooney does it all the time, little pea(nis) did it at the Bridge and this time Rio had his smug little celebration cut short in hilarious fashion.


Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.


Had it been JT who had been hit with a coin at Old Trafford he would get no sympathy from United fans so you won't find any here from me.

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I know it's wrong and anybody who throws stuff at players is a moron, but when Rio got hit it was the loudest I'd laughed for quite a while. Also I was quite impressed with the way Joe Hart put that pitch invader in his place.


Very glad it didn't happen at Stamford Bridge though, the papers would have f**king loved that. 

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