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Porto...will we progress?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Ok, after the weekend's performance, I really hope that we have JT and percy back for the porto game. I also think that we should play Sheva, even if it is just to take defenders off Drogba. Drogba up front on his own relies to heavily on midfield goals, and they are not coming these days.

Anyway, if we have JT and Riccy back then we have a real chance. If we have robben back too, then we ahve an even better one.

If we have to play Essien and PF and Geremi in the back 4, then I am afraid we have no chance


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I feel the CL is where were playing our best football up to now and im confident we can win well, especially at the Bridge. With JT back and Drogs on fire , Peta where he should be , Lamps is scoring , Essien back in his most effective role , and European football is where Ballack shines .

Yep, we'll go through .

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Yes we will progress. Barring any freak ocurrences between now and Wednesday we will have a strong back four of Bridge, JT, Carvalho and hopefully Paulo (I would expect Paulo to play against Porto) - Maka is fit and rested and Cech looks to be almost back at his best already.

Essien I expect will have a fairly defensive role and thus Porto will struggle to score in the away leg. On top of that Robben seems to gradually finding form, Drogba appears to have the golden touch just now in that even when he has an average game he scores and I have a sneaking feeling that Sheva will relish the return to CL football.

SLowly, and finally, the team is beginning to find its feet - in some ways it is a shame it has taken till February to do it but on a more positive note it is great that we have managed to stay in touch in all four competitions whilst being off colour and now we can push on.

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We won't.

Our football is bland and disgraceful.



Mate you must be talking about the way the club does buisiness!!?

Or maybe the England cricket team??

What are your lot putting in the beer over there??

Were not disgraceful.......Im enjoying this season!!

Since Ranieri left this has been the most exciting season.

No....we dont play like our team's of old

and the manager plays defensive football....

.....but in NO way are we disgraceful.......

.....apart from P*ter Kenyon icon_wink.gif .

In answer to the question...

In all honesty,I have no idea how good Porto are this year.

But the draw could have been worse.........so I live in hope!

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My thought about the games against Porto has gone like this:

Yes, we will process.

Perhaps, it will be really difficult.

Hell no, we are lucky if we score a goal.

Yes, Yes, Yes! Porto won't stand a chance!

With JT and Cech back and Drogba, Essien, Lampard and the rest playing really well (except a few players of course) I can't see us losing this game. To tell you the truth I know nothing about Porto since I haven't seen them play since they played us a few years ago.

But even so I feel that we should go through to the next round.

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I don?t really have doubts about Chelsea going to the next round of the CL. Porto is not a team we should have problems with. I don?t underrate them but I just think their way to play doesn?t stand a chance against a team like Chelsea.







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German Blue:

I know Ballack hasn't been playing great, but the Champions League is where we want him to shine. I personally want to see him in the lineup

Im not sure about his fitness, so I think we should start him at the bench. It pretty much depends on what system we will use. 4-4-2, Ballack has to play. In 4-3-3 I don?t see a position to use him, Maka is set, Lamps of caurse too and Essien is doing so well this season.

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I'm sorry, but Maka should play in the Champions League.

Too many reasons which I'd be willing to name if someone does not agree with me.






Carlo, Geremi, Diarra, Ballack, Obi Mikel, SWP, Kalou

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I'm sorry, but neither Mikel or Diarra should play in the Champions League.

Too many reasons which I'd be willing to name if someone does not agree with me.





NO MAKA???????????? smack_head.gif

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Porto is a competent attacking side, having some great technical players such as L.Lopez, Quaresma, L.Gonzalez.

What about Chelsea?

This season we have no such quality of possesion as the previous one for all known reasons, though Drogba brought us something different - quality of finishing... What is better?? I believe possesion is great against average sides, but playing the strongest in CL I think the question is not about possesion, but about finishing, so this season provides us the best chances to win CL. But having no possesion advantage demands us having solid defence. And this is my concern about Porto away....

Good to see our 2 best central defenders fit. But I`m doubting about Carvalho`s form who hasn`t played last 2 games.

Left back. I can say it`s ok and some of you will say "The best choice". That`s arguable.

Right back. Most vulnerable position in our defence... For me Geremi is a save choice, who can develop counter attack fast - that`s what we need there, but his defensive abilities are questionable . Diarra is a little risky option due to a lack of expirience I think, but something tells me he will start.

http://home.skysports.com/list.aspx?hli ... ters+Lucho

"The 26-year-old feels the key to Porto's success is breaking down Chelsea's back-line. "

"The key factor will be our strikers against their defenders," he added.

"They're not as secure at the back as they were last season and we're stronger up front. "

I think I can agree with that statements.

C`mon Chelsea!! icon_twisted.gif

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I just think Ballack will do us good in the Champions League. Playing Mikel or any other young player would be just stupid.

On what position ? It pretty much depends on what system we are going to play. If we play 4-4-2, Ballack should play instead of Mikel or Diarra but if we play 4-3-3 then I don?t see any position for him. Maka,Essien and Lamps are my midfielders for 4-3-3 ! 106.gif

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