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ESPN FC reports Lampard's out


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Even if it's not rubbish we know it will happen inevitably so why pretend otherwise? Ray Wilkins knows how these people work and believed the decision had already been made and I agree with him. We are not Arsenal, if RA and the board genuinely wanted to keep Lampard he'd have been signed up long ago, you can be sure of that. If the appointment of FSW and CPO business has taught us anything it's that this board are prepared to do anything to undermine the fans so any protest demanding RA keeps Lampard is sadly in vein.

I genuinely believe RA wants to get shot of all the old guard (including Cech) and have done since the sacking (or even appointment) of AVB. Of the three out of contract I believe Cole is the most likely to be kept on partly because we have no decent cover to fill that position and fundamentally Cole is RA's man, JT and Lamps were never "his" buys, they were at the club long before RA came.

Mark my words if all of the old guard are allowed to depart too quickly and too soon we will become the Arsenal of 5 years ago - technically gifted footballers, play the most attractive football but with nothing to show for it as we'll have no steel or backbone, nobody that really understands what it means to play for Chelsea and the culture/history of the club.

I just hope Lamps gets to surpass Kerry's record. He was never truly appreciated by his country nor boyhood club but he always will be at Chelsea by us fans, there will come a time soon where England will be crying out for a goalscoring midfielder like the top nations all have and we'll say "you had one, the best in a generation if not ever".

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Five years ago we were all complaining that the squad was too old and changes needed to be made.


Changes have been made, and the handful of veteran players who mean the most to CFC are still here (aside from Drogba) and still getting it done every week. And they are in training every day working with the next generation of stars.


Keep Frank.

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His agents come out and said it's all bullsh*t. Never gave any interview.


Edit: But theres still a lot of conflicting reports, seen a text message supposedly from Frank saying Villa may be his last game and that he'd like to thank all the fans for everything. A lot of sh*te around the internet about it now. Still think he's leaving though.

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Just heard that too. Thank God. Some dodgy Italian sources came up with it apparently.


There clearly is something behind it though. It's quite plausible Frank's agent went to a trusted journalist privately and asked him to make up the story to put more pressure on the board. 

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The problem is what is a 'right way' to Let Frank go?


What's wrong with the scenario of..  at the end of his contract, with 12 trophy laden years of service behind him, and at the age of 35, wouldn't that be better than the VERY long list of other ways players and clubs part company??.


The main 'feeling' seems to be here that a lot of people don't want him to leave under any circumstances, i can understand the sentiment, (it's how i feel personally) but it's fantasy thinking in reality.


It would have been great if Frank could have stayed on, ala Scholes, but we REALLY don't know what went on behind closed doors, so picking sides just on rumours on the net is ridiculous.


Frank will go down as one of the greatest players to ever wear the shirt, he'll forever be the greatest attacking midfielder the prem has seen, he's loved us, and we've loved him, if he is to leave then so be it, he'll leave with the blessing and goodwill of the fans (and i'm sure the club too) both the club and him move on....


It's always been the way in football, i think at the moment it's being highlighted more because we're all a bit 'drama queeny' with all that's currently going on at the club, and this couldn't have come at a worst time.

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Update from the Daily Mail...




Writing on his Webstagram account, Terry said: 'Devastated is an understatement.We should retire the number 8 shirt in honour of Lamps.'

Terry also published a series of tributes - in hashtag form - to his team-mate. The messages read: '#theheartbeat #hero #legend #hero #goalmachine #friend #ktbffh [keep the blue flag flying high] #cfc #chelsea.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2257043/Frank-Lampard-leaving-Chelsea-Blues-retire-No-8-shirt-honour-Lamps-insists-John-Terry.html#ixzz2H0rmTG2E 
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Absolutely pointless.


Maybe, When everyone apparently keeps complaining about how RA runs the club, what can fans do about it save boo??? 


This is an unusual situation, most times a player wants to leave a club, even if the fans want him to stay, he wants to leave, like RVP did at Arsenal, so there was nobody to appeal to except the player himself.


If we are not prepared to try to do anything about the way RA runs the club, then we should all shut up and let him do a he pleases.


Booing and heckling Benitez at games does nothing to help.  


Even if it does nothing to change the situation, it can send a message. 

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