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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Hello hello! So since I love music, especially dance music I decided about a year ago to get into producing and its a pretty long learning curve and it will probably take me another few years before I fully master everything from mixing and mastering but I thought I would share this little track I have been working on since I knew about this project Avicii (Swedish DJ and Producer) has put together and it gives you a chance to work with him somewhat.

Anyway heres a little preview, would advice to listen with headphones for now before I start polishing it up and feedback would be appreciated as well (I know most of you dont like dance music but still!)

Even getting the views count up would help!

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...would advice to listen with headphones for now before I start polishing it up...

Wouldn't listening to it through headphones actually be more unforgiving than listening to it through speakers?


Well, I listened to it through speakers as I don't have quality headphones at the moment (just some in ear headphones for my iPod). It's not the kind of music I would usually listen to and I know it's at a very rough stage, but I'll say (honestly) what I think anyway. At this stage I think it sounds a bit flat and lacks that certain "oomph", if you know what I mean. I like to dance (although I prefer different kind of music), but listening to this at the moment, I don't feel an invitation to start dancing, just yet. It's not a bad start, mind you, I just feel you've got some work to do before you've got something there. Post an update and I'll check it out, though.

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Yeah I have studio monitors at home but also professional studio headphones and monitors are the way to go when you start to mix obviously but for now my headphones sound far better compared to the speakers.

But as I said, this is just the raw track with just a few plug ins thrown in. EQing, compressing, panning and fine tuning the sidechains still left and all the volume levels to bring out the percussions a lot more!

Basically the very hard part left, mixing aint easy!

Thanks for the feedback though!

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It sounds good, is it a remix of one of his tracks? I'd have to hear the original to really give you feedback on your contribution to it.


If you did this whole thing from scratch then props, the drop at 2:50 or so i think could have been bigger/better to really get you pumped, but thats about it!

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Thanks :) not a remix at all, he basically just gave the intro chords (the piano in the first few seconds) for us to work with and get the rythm kind of!


Will be working on it a lot more this weekend to bring out the kick and so a lot more!


Considering sending it in to a professional audio engineer to be honest :p

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Seems a bit flat and devoid of emotion. The track just kind of meanders a bit and I didn't really feel anything, positive or negative. For me, that's the biggest reason I'd listen to music like that. To be fair to you, though, you said you're basing this off of an Avicii track? Frankly, I think his music is utter sh*t, so I guess it stands to reason that I wouldn't go crazy over this.

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Not an Avicii track itself, only the background chords thats based of him but thats not to say that it's very much a avicii/alesso inspired track - Swedish house basically!


Its not supposed to be a very in your face, hard hitting track either but yes its sill very much flat due to the pretty much non existant mixing!


Thanks for the input though, everyone cant have the same taste in music that wouldnt be very fun, I pretty much started producing a bit on my spare time due to avicii and his music which I think is amazing :p

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