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Rafa defends Torres over Swansea game


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From the BBC....


Rafael Benitez has backed Fernando Torres to win over the Chelsea boo boys and insisted the misfiring striker's poor performance in the 2-0 defeat toSwansea was down to a stomach bug, rather than lack of desire or talent.

"I could not explain it before the match, because (Swansea manager) Michael Laudrup would have known, but Fernando had a stomach bug and Demba Ba had a niggle," Benitez told a press conference.

"So Fernando was playing with the problem. I was really pleased with him because he was trying to play despite the problems he had."


Anyone convinced by this? All it says to me is that we need more cover up front.

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What else can he say though, really? Criticising his sh*t 'performance' would send him in to meltdown! It's just a standard quote from 'The Good Manager's Handbook' that you hear all the time when players play crap, but the manager doesn't want to upset them.


And if that was Ba with a 'niggle', I can't wait to see him play when he's fully fit!


Excuses, excuses, from the FSW!

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Torres has been sh*tting himself in front of goal all season!!

1. Dont pick a player who is unwell or unfit (Torres)

2. Don't put a player on the bench who is suffering from a hamstring injury (Demba Ba) - if you fit enough to be on the bench your fit enought to play!!!!

Both are made up bare faced lies.

If trues its our own fault for having only 2 forwards on our books!!

If f*cking farcical!!

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Classic Benitez. It was always someone else's fault when he was at Liverpool and Inter.


Now in a few weeks he's been here we have the players were sick, the squad wasnt fit enough, a bad decision hurt us (when his indecision cost us more). I am sure if he wasnt the interim manager, he would be out there, putting on a show for the cameras, blaming the owner and chairman for dropped points too. 

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