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Top 4 or 3 trophies?


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Would you rather Chelsea come 3rd/4th and win nothing or win the Capital One Cup, FA Cup, Europa League and finish 5th?


4th. No champions league means player exodus and no way of bringing in a good manager or any good signings.

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Ha ha, just pissed myself laughing at the thought that there might be a choice.  If we finish in the top four, or win a trophey it will be a bloody miracle.

Questions like this suggest we're becoming as arrogant as scoucers and y*ds.  There is never a choice, if you work hard, play well and have a bit of luck you might get some success on the pitch.

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Said in the match thread that to me it looks like the Interim is targetting a CV boost and a trophy rather than a sweetener for the next Manager like th CL place.


Abramovic needs to act now and get someone in with the future of the team at Heart.

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I'd rather take the trophies, 3 final's wins would create some wonderful memories and add to our already fantastic trophy cabinet.


I don't think finishing 5th would cause anyone to leave or discourage anyone from coming, everyone knows soon as we get a proper manager we're top 3 at the very least.

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Top four.

Trophies are always nice to get, but nowadays money is important and with the FFP I doubt Roman can just open up his wallet every time we want a new player in the future, so we need all the money we can get. And the money is in CL.

So my list of prefered goals would be:


1. Top four

2. EL

3. FA

4. CC

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Having a giraffe aren't you ??


are currently only 3rd by the good grace that Spuds, Gooners & Everton are seemingly just as inconsistent as Chelsea are 


with the squad that Chelsea has (Torres aside) 1st or 2nd in the prem & a trophy should be the target.......but with Fatty as manager

god only knows what will happen


I'll take 3rd or 4th and bugger all else........Carlo was sacked for coming 2nd so past history would suggest FSW will be relieved of his interim duties as soon he leaves the

post match interview room at the Bridge on Sunday May 19th 2013, ironically after CFC vs Everton.

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