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Email to Bruce Buck from a fan


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If you want to be taken seriously by boardroom executives you can't go referring to Benitez as "Rafa" or the billionaire owner of the club (and an oil empire) as "Roman".  It isn't a chat down the pub.  I doubt Buck would even read it anyway but worth a try.  He'll probably get a generic prepared email from a secretary thanking him for getting in touch, that his concerns have been noted and that he is a valued supporter - if he's lucky.  


Edit: "Refereeing" to "referring".  Autocorrect is the bane of my existence. 

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Castiel, if you scroll down the page given via that link you'll see that the answer Dan got was pretty much as you said it might be but with the opening sentences, "Thank you for your email. Contrary to your expectation, I have read it.".


I thought the article ended at his twitter promotion.  Looks like a generic prepared reply to me though.  I would be surprised if he read it, let alone replied himself.  If anything becomes of it I'll happily eat my words.  

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I highly doubt whether Buck personally replied to that. Look at what his reply says, it's all very generic and tows the company line. Seems like his secretary probably wrote that, with a mention of 'frustration' to appease whoever it was that wrote in.


I applaud whoever wrote that email, it's time Buck and the othe frauds on the board heard some direct criticism. But for all of those who will feel like writing in, I urge you not to just address the obvious issue of Benitez. What about the overall direction the club is headed in? The short-sighted rudderless management that yesmen like Buck deploy, continually blighting our club?

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I wrote a rather long email to Bruce buck and CC'ed  ron.gourlay in as well as roman.abramovich.


Got a bounce back failure for roman, so that email doesn't exist, but if it lands with the 2 I will be delighted. 


Feel better now  :laugh2:

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Twice in the past month, i've passed Ron Goolies, on the Fulham Road on my way into work...I haven't got the bottle to say anything to him, but I swear to God if we lose at the weekend and I see him again on the way to work...I shall give him such a filthy look...(be afraid Ron, be very afraid)

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No I haven;t had a reply yet either, but it is the weekend, so let's be fair.


Here's an extract from mine.  I have left out the first paragraph which contains personal details.



So when I tell you that I have never been so bewildered and dismayed as I am right
now with the irrational and foolish decisions taken in recent months, I hope
you will do me the credit of believing in my sincerity.

The fans have absolutely no idea whether you have any influence over Mr Abramovic’s
decisions, or whether when he says “Jump!â€, you and the Board reply “Yessir, Mr
Abramovic! How high would you like us to jump?â€

If you do have any influence at all, I beg you to attempt to explain to him just
how much he has alienated the fan base by his sacking of Roberto di Matteo and
the subsequent appointment of Rafael Benitez.

In common with all the Chelsea supporters I know, I long for the day when Benitez
leaves our club and a manager we can trust and admire is appointed.

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Chelsea have sent a fans survey out this weekend, I think to members and season ticket holders. At the end it has a section for comments... The survey is about ticket prices, atmosphere, food etc but i think they'll get a fair few comments about the manager

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