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Hello from Croatia!


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Cheers to all the Chelsea fans!


Just a short introduction, I'm a passionate fan of this club for 9 years now. Yes, a year after Abramovich took over the club, but it's not what you think.


I became a fan after watching the 2004 US Tour preseason games against Celtic, Roma and Milan, I was 12 back then, and haven't been a fan of any club except my local one (Dinamo Zagreb), I liked the Chelsea performance in those matches and then gradually became a big fan of this great club. I I still remember that game against Roma like it was yesterday, Drogba in that black/silver Umbro jersey, I asked my cousin "Who the hell is that guy?", and who would've thought that years after he's gonna become my favourite player and Chelsea my favourite team. :)


P.S. I hope we get ex-Dinamo Zagreb star Modrić on summer. :)

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An interesting presumption I must say. I live in Zagreb yes, but I think you got a wrong impression about it, at least for hotdogs. :) But why would you come to Zagreb to celebrate a new year?


Btw thanks for the welcome guys.

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There are hotdog sellers on nearly every street corner in the centre! 


We just wanted to get away somewhere.....somewhere cheap with a high calibre of women.  Zagreb fitted the bill!


I was there for three nights and went to Greengold on the first night (good but felt a little soulless with the escalators....as if you were in a shopping centre rather than a bar/club), Peppermint on the second (good and right near where I was staying).....and for New Year....aaahhh, can't remember the name.  I'll get back to you.  The beer/wine tent in the main square was good too.


Also went to Boban's in the day but didn't see the man himself.  I was expecting him to be pulling pints.

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