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Memberships for the Brentford game


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I'm after a favour, the plan is for my dad and I to take my son to the Brentford replay, along with my brother and nephew. I know the tickets will go on general sale but if we can borrow a few memberships we can make sure we get decent seats all together.

Any help will be much appreciated.


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Okay, as it stands, because my uncle and cousin now want to go as well (proper family day out) we still need 2 more memberships, can anyone else help?


I'm pretty trustworthy and have used Gem, Yorkley, Mods and Loz's before so I'm sure they'll vouch for me if you need someone to.


Thanks all,


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Thanks you two, unfortunately members and/or those willing and able to help are being a bit slow coming forward this year!


That's another little bump!

Would let you use mine again mate but didn't get to renew this year. I knew I was going to be too busy to be able to attend enough games. 


Hope you get em mate. 

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Just wanted to say thanks to those that were able to help - even if it was just bumping the thread.


The boys loved their day out, as did all of us.  I was getting ribbed at the end of a tough first half for maintaining that it would finish 4-0 (I didn't really believe it at that stage), the kids thought I was mad.  But there you go, they'll learn that I know best!


One of the highlights of the day for me was my little nephew, on about 8 minutes jumping up and shouting; "there's the ball I can see the ball, did you see it?"  to which my lad replied, "did you think they'd just been running around for the fun of it?".


We went to the Pelican after the game, to avoid the crush on the tube!  I got back from the bar at one stage to find a group of Chelsea supporters chatting to the lads, asking them who their favourite players were.  Made the boys feel proper grown up.


It was a top day so thank you to those that allowed us to use your memberships.

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